Riley Till Put on Scholarship for Next Season

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, May 15, 2019.

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    So what do you do to not "accept mediocrity"? I'm guessing nothing which means you also accept it. Unless you think being negative on a message board means you are doing something to change things, then I guess you are doing something. I accept what the program is because I dont have the money or the time to do anything impactful enough to strip my "accept mediocrity" status.
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    He's not going to be a great player for us. He got the scholarship because he is slightly better than a walk on player and we have 3 extra scholarships right now with a 0% chance of finding 3 good players this late in the game. People act like this is a situation where Fran decided giving a scholarship to Till was a better option than finding a good scholarship player somewhere and signing him, when it's obvious to most that Fran decided giving a scholarship to Till is a better option then throwing it away. I honestly wish they would give 2 other walk ons a one year scholarship if they can't find anyone else. Banking them to save money means nothing to me.
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    He still has 2 open ones so at this point all it means is he knows he won't find 3 more good players.
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    It’s simply a classic “Iowa move”. Iowa coaches know their place in the world and obviously the administration, boosters and majority of fans are too so...the “classic Iowa moves roll on”
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    Great for Riley but honestly this strikes me as the move of a coach who is too lazy or incapable of recruiting better players.
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    Im getting worn out. I feel like Im banging my head against a brick wall. I feel like our programs should be so much more successful. But I feel like there are only a few of us that feel like we have a legit option of being a top 20 program in everything.

    But we arent. Barta has to go. Money isnt the only thing.
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    So I guess my follow up question would be why do you think iowa should be a top 20 program. We probably have top 20 fan support. That's kinda important. We have close to top 20 money. That's important too. That's the only advantages I can think of. There are lots of reasons we shouldn't be tho.
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    Good for him, however I would like to use any "extra" scholarships to cast about to see if Iowa can reel in a PG.

    And if this is the big news of Iowa BB this off season, well, then...ok
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    We will always be a middle to bottom of conference basketball team on average. That’s the way it is.

    Football has the ability to do better and justifies banging your head on the wall, but basketball is what it is. 1987 is gone baby gone, and it isn’t coming back. We lost any out of state recruiting ability three coaches ago and the college basketball landscape has changed to one that requires top recruits for any success. “Developmental” isn’t a thing anymore in NCAA ball. Iowa hoops will make the tournament once every three or four years and will flirt with a top 25 ranking once in a blue moon. Expecting anything more is completely kidding yourself. They just won’t get the talent to compete

    Football, on the other hand, I don’t know if you could name for me a program that does less with so much talent. That justifies being pissed off.
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    Walk on players are part of every good basketball program. It's a good thing when players pass on D2 scholarship offers to walk on at Iowa, the better they are then the better they can provide a challenge during practices and scrimmages. If one develops into being a role player like Till or Baer then it's gravy.

    I find it funny that the NN posters on here still find a way to spin it against Fran and Barta. smh
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    So, when Michigan State does it every few season, is that a classic Michigan State move?
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    When you are struggling, bring in your own kids, one of whuch wasnt very impressive and lacks fundamentals, and have veteran players walk away that compete with your kids, and dont bring in someone who can compete with your kids and have scholarships left over, and your kids took 2 scholarships they didnt need which basically now adds up to 4 scholarships and are very thin at real pt that shouldnt sway public opinion at a public institution.

    Wanna predict who will be an asst coach in a few years and take over at 30? Co head coaches?
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    There are two sides to look at this

    How is Iowa struggling? They just spent last season in the top 25 for 90% of the year. Both of Fran's kids were high recruits who if there name was any different, wouldn't even be a conversation about their worth. Iowa lost it's 5th scoring threat from last year, who would have been no more then their 4th scoring threat next year as a 5th year senior who is playing at Iowa to do 1 thing, score. He left because an incoming RS freshman was going to push him for minutes. Think about that. They return 3 absolutely great players next season. Iowa is bringing in a quick PG and when Iowa was full on ships 2 seasons ago, Fran was going to pay for his kids to walk on so they could use the scholarship somewhere else.
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    Here's another question. How do we know that when Fran and Moss met, Fran didn't say "Hey, Moss, you are a great player and you are a big part of the picture next year, but you are going to have to compete with Conner, Frederick and hey, with Cook leaving, we are going to check out the portal and entertain transfers, we think our area of need is guard" -- Cause honestly, I think the DJ Harvey scuzzle hit before Moss declared he was leaving. So, is there no chance that could have played into it? Fran is likely trying to upgrade his roster and that changes what other players in the program do. Exactly what everyone wants him to do. All this hand wringing when no one knows is I guess what the boards for, but I tend to not automatically throw a bunch of dirt on Fran for it.
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    Lmao .. wow
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    wow what?
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    If Fran said what you said than Frans a Effing Idiot!!!!!
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    really? Why? Iowa still needs help at guard - why wouldn't he be telling his players what the plan for the future is? Again, the DJ Harvey interested in Iowa came out before Moss announced he was leaving - or at least it was close to or around the same time.
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    500 last year with experience. Lost 2 starters prematurely. Below 500 in Big for number of years composit.

    The struggling issue is debatable.
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    That's fair - and I am not really arguing here, just being a contrarian for food of thought. .500 in the B1G last season was quasi top 25 - 1 of the starters we knew was leaving before the year even began and gave us warning signs of desire to be else where several times through out his career and the other was a 3 year starter who started almost 100 games and couldn't be trusted in the clutch and failed to average double figures during that time and was predominantly known as a "scorer" - I mean - what else was he in games for? He was a decent defender, but his role on the team was to put the rock in the basket and for a guy who got 100 starts, not scoring 1000 pts during that is kind of hard not to do. Iowa has only been below .500 3 times in Fran's 9 years and 2 of those were his first.

    There's just 2 sides to look at things IMO - I see your side too.