Rivals 2013 Class Rankings

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by SheagleHawk, Apr 18, 2013.

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    How can UK get 8 or 9 kids each year. How is that not a violation of something. Ridiculous. I hope some of his expected 1 and dones end up staying. that would be hilarious.
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    Its not really the players choice to stay if the coach wants to make room bad enough.

    Pretty much all scholarships are on a year to year basis and have to be renewed each year.
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    Jok is technically our entire class. Throw in Meyer with a year of body development, maturity and college level coaching and Uthoff with 2 years of body development, maturity and college level coaching and I'm more than happy with Iowa's 3 additions to the playing roster for next year.
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    I guess then Calipari would have to do some house creaning.
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    The question is how many broken remotes are we gonna have next fall[​IMG]
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    Kentucky did not have the maximum number of scholarship players this past year. They extended 3 scholarships to walk-ons with the understanding that those scholarships would not be renewed if they could be filled. Add that to the fact that they graduated at least 1 senior (Julius Mays), saw 2 leave for the NBA draft, and another player transfer, and the math actually adds up. Nothing fishy going on.
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    Wonder how Iowa State get such a high ranking with three 3 star, and one non-ranked player along with players ranked 54 and 96, and are said to be top heavy on JC transfers......

    I have to admit that Fred is doing well with his style of recruiting and coaching.....

    It will be very nice to spank the clowns next season in Ames......
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    Kentucky is working within the rules they are allowed.

    Hoiturd is recruiting some good freshman and mixing in transfers, but I expect to see him to begin bringing in less transfers as he moves forward.
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    There will be violations. You'll know it when Calipari leaves KY for another school or the NBA. After all, what happened to UMass after he left? What happened at Memphis after he left? Yeah, he "doesn't recall" or "doesn't know about" such things, but both schools went on probation after he left.
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    Iowa has a class of one.
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    I don't think you are looking at the rivals list.
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    Iowa has 1 incoming player that I wouldn't trade for anyone of the Clowns recruiting class. And we have 1 RS FR and Uthoff, who I definitely wouldn't trade for anyone of the Clowns recruits.
    I've read the nonsense on the Clown board, regarding Jok. They can sleep on his skills at their own peril. A good mid range game is one of the hardest things to defend in college basketball. If you man up, we run him off of screens or he goes by and pulls up for that 20' jumper. If your bigs have to step further out of the box to keep that 20 footer from killing you, it leaves the post wide open. If you stay off of him, he can hurt you with the 3. And if he is in the line up next to Marble, forget about it! What do you do?
    Everyone is so in love with slashers and 3 pt shooters because that is what they see on ESPN. Those guys can be taken away (Most anyway) with good team defense.
    That's why I would love to see Marble stay at the PG and put Jok into the line up right now. And if Jok comes in and starts hitting those shots in OOC games, Fran will put that line up on the floor. Mark my words.
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    Well they lose a number of players from this year. Also, a few of their scholarships this past year were given to walk-ons with the understanding that they would return to walk-on status next year.
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    Jok will be a great player for Iowa, no doubt about it. However the midrange game is essentially the worst EFG% shot on the floor and Iowa State has functionally eradicated it from their offense. They also generally allow teams to shoot it at will.
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    Are you talking about Peter Jok or about Matt Thomas here? Because Thomas is generally regarded as one of the best shooters in the entire class. This description fits both.
  18. PalmettoHawkFan

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    crack 33% and the 3 is the better shot

    ugly to watch, but effective
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    Bold claim when watching a combined zero minutes of them play college basketball. ISU played multiple good defensive teams last year, it just didn't matter. The comments from ND before the game still amuse me to this day about slowing the Cyclones down.

    Mid range is the worst shot you would ever want. The longer the two, the worse the shot it is. If you're going to shoot a step or two inside the 3 point line you might as well just shoot the 3.

    Jok is not a post, he isn't going to pull bigs away from the hoop because they will be in there guarding White and Woodbury. I don't doubt that Jok is a good shooter but when your argument about why you want him over any players ISU recruited is because of his shooting, Matt Thomas is the most touted of both teams without question.
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