Rob Howe's take on Iowa/UNI game

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by HawkPrdatr40, Dec 7, 2011.

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    I don't completely disagree with him, but that was bad officiating. I think Fran could have been a bit calmer about it. Maybe 1 T was enough but hey I'm not a coach and if he felt it was necessary then maybe it was.
  3. TChawk

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    Yeah he missed the point BIG time on just how BAD the officals were in favor of UNI.
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    Meh ... it is Rob Howe.

    Just curious ... but Rob seems to be trying to start something with all the Iowa coaches. First, he became part of the story with his Ferentz run in during the season -- now apparently he is trying to do it again.

    Personally I am glad we have a coach who shows emotion. This game really does matter in ANY regard -- but this incident could play significant to the rest of the season if the players know the cioach has their back. Rob is just making a big deal out of one game that in context is meaningless.
  5. Hawk80

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    Iowa 2-9
    UNI 29-33

    really? There's a well officiated game.:cool:
    I liked Fran's high road during the post game.
  6. 9YRPLAN

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    iowa- missed front end of 1-and-1's THREE TIMES
    iowa- gives away 8 technical FT's
    iowa- fouls three point shooter twice

    UNI- shoots 8 FT's after final tv timeout when iowa was fouling.

    VHSHAWK Banned

    BIG refs have screwed us over in Basketball ever since the Jim Bain incident. Which I still think was one of the biggest hosinging I've ever seen by a ref- a call to determine a conference championship.
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    You are gud at math. Kan yoo teech me?
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    This is interesting. It's certainly evidence the FT stats are misleading at best.

    Just the techs and final fts alone close the gap considerably.
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    What does Rob Howe know about coaching basketball? Whatever.
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    true, but on the other hand i should add that a number of the calls that upset iowa fans did not result in free throws.
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    Rob Howe completely missed the boat on this one. FM needs to apologize to his team?? What the hell for?
    If anything the team should apologize for being such crappy FT shooters.:D

    Seriously though, I feel FM handled it exactly right. He could see the officials were determined to hand this game to UNI. He took the opportunity to show his team that he will fight for them. After the game he let it go.
    This will pay dividends later in the season.
    I'm proud of our team for the way they played. Especially with BC sittting out and the refs being..............lacking.
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    The nature of the foul calls is what is disturbing...I don't think McCabe even touched the guy on the one where he got T'd up. Marble got dinged for at least 2 phantom calls; same for Basabe. Gatens got one for running down the court side by side with a UNI guy...Gatens ends up on the floor and gets called for the foul. May got called for a couple of cheapies where he was pressing the ball handler up the was good defense. All you have to do is watch the video Spank put together to see for yourself.

    I hate flopping...I understand it's part of the game but the officials have to be completely incompetent to not realize what was happening on some of those. I think Fran agrees with me:p

    VHSHAWK Banned

    Flopping should result in revocation of NCAA eligibility, period.
  15. 9YRPLAN

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    regardless of what you think of the officiating, fran screwed his team big time. it was a 2 point game on the road.

    i have no respect for howe so I am not going to read his article, but if thats what he is saying he is correct.
  16. olivecourt

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    One of the fouls on a three-point shooter was on a made shot, so it resulted in one free throw.

    UNI also missed at least one front end of a one-and-one.

    Iowa also shot plenty of free throws in the last four minutes. In fact, that's when our first made free throw occurred. I believe that when Fran was tossed the disparity was 25-4.
  17. Tmoney12

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    I know this will suprise the Uni fan in this thread but just because a foul doesn't result in free throws doesn't mean it doesn't get the other team to the line sooner.

    Common sense people. Use it.

    OUTofTOWNHAWK Well-Known Member

    This fool is just starting stuff to get us to read it. I dont read his stuff, but I did read this one.

    Waste of time. Just like playing in a game that there is no way you can win.
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    people should quit complaining about the FT numbers then.
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