Robert Gallery sells home

Discussion in 'Football' started by Zstatman, Apr 1, 2020.

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    Well when he was drafted it was before the rookie wage scale deal and he was the #2 overall pick. His first contract was huge and then he played quite awhile on top of that. Doesn't surprise me in the least.
  3. RobHowe

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    Nine seasons. Career earnings more than $46M

  4. thetrza

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    This is like the worst time to be selling a home when nobody can visit the house and everyone thinks the sky is about to fall down economically. But then again, interest rates are low.
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    Whoever buys that house probably is not concerned with interest rates.....
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    Looks like the page has been taken down already. But it makes sense why he would want to sell, I believe Robert is back living in Winthrop.
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    Don't count on it.
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    Maybe he has some new weekend digs in Vegas.
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    It's the Bay Area, not surprising. Funny, other than the garage, I can't see Gallery padding around in that house.
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    So with grossing 46 large after taxes in Cali of all places and agent and whatever all other subtracting goes on do you think he had 25ish million tops net? Spend almost 4 on a house and whatever the taxes were every yr since has had to be significant. I've always wondered what the cost of owning one would be a yr. Most folks couldn't posses one for long if you gave it to em for free. Of course taxes would be nuts but the overall upkeep would be crazy high too.
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  14. Chickenlounge

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    I thought the same thing. I like the garage and backyard. The house doesn't seem to fit.
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    Not my cup of tea either, but 5 acres and an East Bay location...
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    I don't know anything about his personal life, but it looks like the house was designed by the female partner in some areas and Robert Gallery in others. A lot of places are kind of like that.
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    I remember that he aspired to be a K-12 teacher. Wonder if that is still in play
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    If so he could walk to work, he lives across the street from East Buchanan.