Samson Evans in Transfer Portal

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, May 18, 2020.

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    I'd forgotten about Evans... He'd have had an uphill climb to much field time. Not a big surprise I don't suppose. I'm sure he's plenty good enough to be playing for someone so I hope he finds a good fit.

    Jenkins I thought had already left the team so this was kind of a formality if he still wanted to play.
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    I was wondering if he'd follow suit with Jenkins with being buried on the depth chart a little bit. Too bad, because he seems like a hell of a football player. Wish him well with his future and finding the right fit.
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    Since BF mentioned the wildcat position to Armand Bruce, my first thought was that Samson Evans would be perfect at this position. Too bad they didn’t try to put him in some reps to prepare at that position earlier. SE was one of the guys I had high hopes for in that class. His film and numbers were impressive. I think he is going to do great wherever he may end up. Good luck to both him and Jeff Jenkins. Both would be a good get for Northern Illinois if they were to go there. I know if I was the coach at NIU, I’d be all over them. Good luck guys!
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    If I remember right, Jenkins is done with both football and school. He took a job somewhere...maybe construction?

    The writing was sort of on the wall with Evans, given the fact he wasn't even included on the summer invite list last year and remained buried on the depth chart without a real position. It's too bad because you love to have athletic playmakers on your team, but it obviously isn't going to work out here.
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    Jenkins has decided to return to football. He’s in the portal.
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    That's interesting. I remember when he made his announcement that he was leaving school and football to take a job, I was thinking, "Well, that's an interesting path to take...."
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    I'm guessing he figured out finishing his education and letting football pay for it was the way to go.
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    Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. Isn't that a song? If it isn't, it should be.

    Does that give the Hawks some wiggle room on the scholarships? How about that big kid from NIU? Is that viable now?
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    I would guess many parents would "trade" for him. Cheaper. Self-reliant.
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    I hear that's who we're trading Jenkins and Evans for. We get him, they get them. :D
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    Is that a song? YES. A classic Cinderella song. In fact, it was their most commercially successful song, reaching #12 on the Billboard in 1988.

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    “Many” = Nope

    “Some” = Probably
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    Most popular is not always the best.

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    Good luck to Evans, but yes I think this gives Iowa the ability to go all in on Heflin. I hope they do because he would be a really big addition.
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    The staff was waiting to see if a spot would open up for Heflin. Highly likely he’ll be a Hawk.
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    Big fish meets little pond