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Discussion in 'Football' started by SpiderRico, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. tksirius

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    Oh look, my stalker.
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  2. HawkeyeDenis

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    in a year with wins over Iowa State, Ohio State and Nebraska. Not a bad year.
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  3. ArvadaHawk

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    IGC, i take each season individually. are we leaving wins on the table or are we maximizing our opportunities, each game and each season? This season we had 3 losses we shouldn't have had. Missed opportunities.
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    Fact is the site would be much better without you and couple others.. You are the true definition of a troll as well as Ben, Fryowa and Josh Brown.. Site would be a much better site without the BS that comes from you guys. You troll around this site not knowing how to carry on conversation like adults, derail post with negativity and belittle others with memes etc.. It’s sad that the admins allow it..
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    I agree, missed opportunities for SURE. Iowa was much closer to double digit wins then any one could imagine. They left some W's on the board without a doubt. But this is football yo. Balls bounce different ways. Iowa keeps winning with very few dips. I for one love that we have a very consistent staff with a great foundation that has the school set up to win at football every year. It's great. Could it be better? Hell yeah. Do I want better? Absolutely. Do I need to belittle everything our first ballet HOF, soon to be the schools all time leader in wins and top 5 all time winning coach in the history of the B1G coach does? No, no I don't.
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  6. ChosenChildren

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    We just need a little more offense next year! One elite wide receiver would have made a big difference this season....
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  7. Stanzi

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    I would disagree with the 3 losses we shouldn't have had. The Purdue loss no question. There was no excuse for losing that game. The Northwestern game was a toss-up, but I don't know how you can say we *should* have that won that game on the road against a ranked opponent. Even more so with Michigan State.
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    Dang you Melrose, their the age of my kids so......Quit making me feel old! Lol!
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  9. DECM

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    When the players are the age of your kids, you tend to call them kids. Hell my Dad still calls me kid.
  10. Ben Rumson

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    Gezzus dude get off your righteous BS trip! The only person I see belittle anyone is you when someone disagrees with your perception. For one Find a post I personally have belittled any of the players and I'm sure KF has millions of reasons why he is fair game to criticize. I find it hilarious you want me and others kicked of a site for our opinions but yours and ones like you are the only ones that can have them and we're the trolls...Ha!
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  11. tksirius

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    Take a moment and ask yourself if what you just posted violates the rules...
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  12. ssckelley

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    A dropped pass by the Cyclones allowed Iowa to win that game. There are probably other examples in our wins.
  13. MelroseHawkins

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    Figured I'd get a rise out of ya!
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  14. tksirius

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    I like you Good, but the folks that started that stat are being a little bit misleading. If Michigan and Penn St win their bowl games, there will be 4 teams with better records during the last 3 years. Not to mention Michigan St having the one bad year in that stretch, which is why cherry picking is so fun!
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  15. InGoodCo

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    haha, I like you too TK. I actually enjoy the debate and like to dish stuff back even with peeps I don't agree with. Be pretty bland around here without it and you say a lot funny stuff on here.... and some of it is directed at me and I laugh. Can't take things too seriously.


    Yeah, if Michigan and PSU win, they have 1 more win then Iowa during that stretch. So, Iowa, Sonnie, TOSU, MICHIGAN and PSU.... some real bad company, let's burn this f'ng B to the ground.
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  16. tksirius

    tksirius HN's Love Doctor

    Turns out 6 B1G teams have more wins the last 7 years than Iowa (Michigan, Michigan St, Nebraska, Ohio St, Penn St, Wisconsin); almost 7 if Northwestern won a couple more games.
  17. kicker22

    kicker22 Well-Known Member

    I'm in agreement that winning is all that matters, but why as fans to we have to be content with boring football? I love the way our defense it frustrating at times, hell yes but I like the philosophy and think it works. What would be a dream come true to me would be to continue to rely on our defense to win games, but go in with the mentality of being more aggressive offensively because we have a defense behind us.

    Why do we have to be content with boring football. Why can't we play aggressive offensively while keeping our defensive mindset the same. I've yet to see anything that makes me believe that if open up the playbook offensively it'll have a negative influence on the defense. I think a lot of posters, myself included, believe that the "safe" predictable/boring offense is what's holding the program back.

    Why can't we take strides offensively and continue to win? Why does our "boring" brand of football have to be boring? If the foundation of our program is defense and special teams why not develop an offensive mentality built on scoring points so your defense can be tasked with winning games rather than simply keeping you in them. Our defense is used as a crutch to support the offense, why not collectively strengthen the offense rather than being dependent on the defense and special teams putting you in position to win.
  18. HawkInATX

    HawkInATX Well-Known Member

    Honest question (I'm at work, so most of my usual stats sites are blocked): What is Iowa's record against those 6 teams during that stretch. I know we've beaten Michigan every time (I think) and Nebraska nearly every time. And go ahead and include NW in there if you like.
  19. ArvadaHawk

    ArvadaHawk Well-Known Member

    you've stretched the argument beyond the original line of discussion. I'll bring it back. this season we saw 4 games (jNW, MSU, MN, PU) on how being ultra conservative strangles our offense. This has been a consistency for 19 seasons. In 3 of those 4 games, our offense scored 2 times and in the 4th, they scored 3 times. Our offense was stagnant most of the B1G season and we can point to the play calling for that. in 6 of our 9 B1G games, we scored 3 times or fewer. that is not the type of offensive output we should expect or accept and it lead directly to more losses and less wins than this season should have produced.
  20. tksirius

    tksirius HN's Love Doctor

    vs Michigan= 3-1
    vs Mich St= 1-4
    vs Nebraska= 4-3
    vs Northwestern= 4-3
    vs Ohio St= 1-1
    vs Penn St= 0-4
    vs Wisconsin= 1-4

    Total record= 14-20