Scoring the D vs. UNI

Discussion in 'Football' started by bitmap, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. bitmap

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    LB play late allows me to bring their execution level up to 50%. A lot of work to do in pass coverage. They have the talent and didn't give up. Bower's play was the bright spot.

    CB play around 75%. King was really good, couldn't believe they tried to burn him in the endzone and great support against the run. The next great Iowa corner.

    DL - 85%. Containment and Penetration. A few lapses on the outside but that is to be expected. LTP gets the high motor award (again).

    DB - 70% Really bad at times in pass coverage. Lowdermilk gets the never say die award for stopping an apparent TD. Their play late got them an extra 5%.

    That's a 70% average BUT I am going to mark them down overall because they didn't seem to learn from their mistakes. Getting burned by Johnson the first time is understandable. Letting it happen two more times takes another 10% off.

    Conditioning gains them another 5%, they seemed to get stronger down the stretch.

    Overall 65%.
  2. bigjim

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    I think Desmond King is going to end up being a top player in the BIG before his career is over.
  3. SamBrownlee48

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    I thought there was a lot of good things on defense. But if Alston and Spearman (or someone else) don't learn how to play pass coverage, it will be for naught.
  4. IowaHOCKS23

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    King will be a very special hawkeye. He has a natural talent, as evident in him playing great as a freshman.. But people here will still give KF 100% credit for the kid making the NFL.
  5. imported_ankle23

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    KF is a great developer of players. I'm sure you will refute that. You would also have to give KF credit for identifying and getting King - who has natural talent (as you put it) to come to Iowa City while only two other BCS-level programs identified said talent.

    can't have it both ways.
  6. SamBrownlee48

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    King's naturally athletic, and he's developed excellent technique. But what makes him special is his confidence. He has the confidence of a great player, and that's what sets him apart. Doesn't matter if its pass coverage or stopping the run, he knows he's going to make the play.
  7. HawkIMalaise

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    Did Kirk Ferentz develop Greg Castillo and Adam Shada? Can't have it both way.