Shaun Prater first OTA


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Shaun Prater had his first day of OTA's today with the Bengals. Well that is Prater made his first contributions on the field today. He has previously sat out OTA's with reports of soreness, due to knee tendonitis that he said flared up before the bowl game and he had to strengthern. Unfortunately, on his day back Prater was on the receiving end of a Andy Dalton to AJ Green Bomb that reportedly was 70 yards in the air near the goaline. In Prater's defense, It is Prater's first day back, and he was covering AJ Green. To make up for his missed days he will have to have a good mini-camp and all around camp this summer. I am sure as he starts to get back into the swing of things he will make the headlines for break-ups and maybe an interception. One thing is for certain, Prater has a lot of work ahead of him and needs to prove himself on special teams.

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