Should the Washington Redskins change their name?

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by thejumper5, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. thejumper5

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    They could go a different direction ... :) I would say if there is a group that feels it is hurtful, then they should change it.

  3. imported_ankle23

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    hell no. (i didn't read your article, but my answer is generally how i feel on this topic)
  4. theboat

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    Folks in Washington seem to have more pressing issues to worry about these days.

    This is just stupid.
  5. DJL

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    Are their large groups of Native Americans begging for this change? Or is it just the bleeding hearts who are demanding more political correctness?
  6. theboat

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    BLKNGOLD48 Well-Known Member

    Exactly how I feel on the subject.
  8. WildTurkey

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    Nope. Keep it the same
  9. HerkyDude

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    What will they change it to, Washington Scumbags?
  10. BroderickHawk

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    The Washington (insert corporate sponsor's name here)

    Imagine the naming rights money for that.
  11. enmaster

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    Yes they should. I break Native American nicknames in three categories:

    Cleveland Indians, Florida State Seminoles: they are names of races. It's no different than a team being the Iowa Caucasians. It's dumb, but not offensive.

    Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves: these are titles. No different than the Ottawa Senators, Milwaukee Brewers, etc.

    Washington Redskins- The term "redskin" is a racial slur. No different than the n-word. No team should have it as a nickname.
  12. imported_ankle23

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    complete fabrication and garbage.
  13. trj

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    How so? This is not a snarky, smart a$$ response, I lean toward emaster on this; however, I did read the link boat posted - it did not change my mind, but it did open my mind to the other side. you do not have to write a book, just a few lines I am curious that's all.
  14. MeatMan

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    in all fairness, just for counterpoint, there are still African Americans who use the dreaded N-word, but that doesn't mean I should use the term.

    there are plenty of Native peoples that find the term very offensive. i started a thread about this exact subject in the poly/con forum awhile back, and i found it strangely ironic how many white people said they didn't find the term offensive, as if they could possibly be the judge for another race of people.

    anyway, we're getting into interesting territory here, and it's just a matter of time before the name is changed. Snyder is supposedly a shrewd businessman, you'd think he would just embrace it and use it to make even more money (they'd sell a ton of merchandise with the new logo, you know).

    to wrap up: be mad all you like, but this tide probably is just going to keep going till the name changes.
  15. MeatMan

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    this is an exaggeration. while the term may or may not have been originate by Native peoples, it has often been used as a racial slur, and many Native groups find it greatly offensive.
  16. You

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    Don't change the Redskins. Just make everybody else's name really offensive.

    St. Louis Meth-Heads
    San Francisco Butt******s

  17. 528646

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    As someone of Native American heritage, this is exactly where I stand ^

    "redskin" is on the same level to me as "negro" - it was at one time just a descriptive term, but got so loaded up with racist baggage over the years that the term became unusable by decent people.
  18. Stanzi

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    The Wal Mart Washington RadioShack Redskins brought to you by Meskwake Casino.
  19. enmaster

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    Redskin | Define Redskin at

    [h=2]red·skin[/h] [red-skin] Show IPAnoun Slang: Often Disparaging and Offensive.

    a North American Indian.

    If the definition of the word says that is a Disparaging and Offensive term, then it should not be used as a team nickname.
  20. You

    You Well-Known Member

    I find the name Hawkeyes as offensive, because it denegrates Chief Black Hawk and/or the dude from Last of the Mohicans.

    I also find the name Cyclones offensive because a cyclone is a hurricane in the Indian Ocean, and it denegrates Indians (the real ones). Or, I should say, Native South Asians.