Should the Washington Redskins change their name?

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by thejumper5, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. imported_ankle23

    imported_ankle23 Well-Known Member

    yeah, i hear 'redskin' used often in our culture today. never here ****** used. what a pharse.
  2. theboat

    theboat Well-Known Member

    As a whitey, if they were called the Washington Honkies, I couldn't care less.

    Political correctness is dumb.
  3. MeatMan

    MeatMan Well-Known Member

    says the guy who has never been discriminated against.
  4. You

    You Well-Known Member

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

    I'm part Irish, and I'm mad as hell at that drunk-looking Leprechaun mascot. I'm so mad, I'm ready to punch somebody in the face. Pass the Guinness.
  5. MeatMan

    MeatMan Well-Known Member

    yeah, this thread was probably a bad idea to engage in. pretty much most folks have made up their minds already on where they stand.
  6. H8IAST8

    H8IAST8 Well-Known Member

    Without question, yes. It is beyond offensive.
  7. 1hawkeye1

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    Boo hoo, I'm offended.......the world must change for me.

    Nothing bores me more than the phrase “that offends me,” uttered by a person who decides to define himself (or herself) according to some aspect of that self — as a fat person, a thin person, a vegetarian person, a meat-loving person, a Christian person, an atheist — and then presumes to “take offense” at things, on behalf of all the people in the world who share some form of that defining characteristic.

    Get over yourself and your wittle feewings.

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  8. 1977Hawkeye

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    I can't speak for boat, but don't be so quick to assume that he has never been discriminated against just because he's white. I am white and can tell you for a fact that I have been discriminated against by black people.. Are you one of those people who thinks that minorities are never racists? This really DOES go both ways.

    And no, the skins should not change their names just because people are whining louder about it. That's been their nickname for ages.
  9. H8IAST8

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  10. trj

    trj Well-Known Member

    So that makes it okay?
  11. Hawkfnntn

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    If you leave the house today I'm sure if you look hard enough something could offend you. Regardless of who you are or what you are. To me it's intent of what it is. Is whoever the owner at the time that they named the Redskins trying to be offensive or were they paying homage to them? I think owners are trying to make money. Period. Even back then. They figured that was a catchy name with a catchy logo and away you go. Is Daniel Snyders reasoning for not changing along those lines or what? I've never heard his reason as to why he won't change it. Honestly whenever the Washington Redskins name comes up in conversation. Indians and what the true definition of it never crosses my mind. I just think about the sports team. Same with the Atlanta Braves etc... I'm such a sports nut that pretty much whenever any city is brought up I corolate them to what sports team is tied to them. I'm prolly not a normal person in that regard by any means at all but I don't hear or see the name Redskins and their logo and automatically think anything along ethnic lines at all. I never did. Even as a kid. I looked at it as a way to coralate a city to a team. That's it. Does that mean those that are offended by that are wrong to be offended? No, who am I to say they should or shouldn't be. But you know what? If something like that did offend me what I would do is ignore it then. Life is too short to intentionally go be apart of something that upsets you enough to be offended on purpose. The best way to make their point would be to boycott the team/NFL. Hit em where it hurts the most their pockets. If his earnings were to slow down let alone go backwards or the NFLs in general to the point where Goodell would HAVE to get involved then that's when things would change. Till then this is all irrelevant. Status quo will continue...
  12. MeatMan

    MeatMan Well-Known Member

    first bolded part, the exact opposite of this is true for me. in fact, when the whole Riley Cooper thing went down this summer I mentioned that while apparently the dreaded "N-word" is terrible enough to severely punish a player, a team is perfectly fine having a name that is racially offensive.

    second bolded part, has this ever been true of you? i doubt it by the way you talk.
  13. Hawkfnntn

    Hawkfnntn Well-Known Member

    I can see how the word Redskins would be looked at as offensive. I see that. I just never did or do myself. I'm objective enough to see how people would.

    To be honest I can't think of a scenerio in witch I've been offended to any extent that ticked me off to want to do more then walk away. The piddley type of things that have momentarily gotten under my skin wouldn't. I wouldn't even count those towards a conversation such as this. I learned at a young age that some things aren't worth getting worked up over. Weather or not someone else thinks I'm short, tall skinny fat ugly whatever just never bugged me even in highschool. Those types of things I wouldn't put on this level to begin with.
  14. H8IAST8

    H8IAST8 Well-Known Member

    If anyone on this board would go up to a group of Native Americans and call them Redskins to their face I will pick you up and personally drive you to Tama to witness the beat down.
  15. enmaster

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    But at one point in time, the word "******" WAS commonly used in culture, even more so then "redskin," until people opened their eyes.
  16. 1hawkeye1

    1hawkeye1 Well-Known Member

  17. Hawkfnntn

    Hawkfnntn Well-Known Member

    How do you know that they wouldn't just laugh and say I don't play football and have more money then they do... Now that would be the best way to deal with someone that would have the balls to do that. Those Tama Indians have won the "war" they are raking it in just because of who their ancesters are. Nothings more American then that
  18. CWooD4

    CWooD4 Well-Known Member

    Keep it!

    They have cheap gas, booze, and casinos to make up for it.
  19. kicker22

    kicker22 Well-Known Member

    So maybe all these people that find it offensive should take up a collection to buy the name on the front of the jersey. You see players buying the number from other players all the time so why not let the money do the talking.

    Tired of the whining and ******** by these groups. You want it done. Fork up the money that will get management to change their minds.
  20. thejumper5

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