Should Tiger Woods be a Tom Watson Ryd edrs Cup captain's pick?

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by KansasHawkeye, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. KansasHawkeye

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    Even Tiger in his prime was a "meh" Ryder Cup player. Why would Tom pick him this year, and if he doesn't, what will the media say? Defend, justify, or outrage?

    AZHAWKFAN1 Well-Known Member

    Does he deserve to be picked? Simple answer, this year, no. If not picked, there will be outrage by the media.
  3. JHHawk

    JHHawk Well-Known Member

    Lets hope that Tiger makes it easy on Watson by playing better the next few weeks. If he does, he is on the team. If not, then maybe not, but I know that Tiger wants to be on that team and so he will not bow out. I hope he makes it....always more interesting with a healthy Tiger on the team.

    AZHAWKFAN1 Well-Known Member

    This is not the Tiger of old. As of now, he is just a shell of his former self.
  5. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    What gave you the idea tiger wants to be on the team? Where is your proof? Is it the media stories quoting tiger that he thinks he should be on the team. I have never heard of any golfer trolling the media to get a story out that he thinks he should be picked.

    Tiger should have just called Watson directly and let it stay private. I do know that Watson has never been real warm with tiger.

    Do I think he should be on the team. If he plays well the next few weeks I could see him being a final captain pick but I dont think he needs to play everyday.
  6. JonDMiller

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    As of the data we have right now, no
  7. ibahawkeye

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    Like any business... All about $$ and the data that matters are the tv ratings.

    Look I don't work in the media or even know which tv station airs the Ryder cup but something tells me that somebody is going to get into the captain's pocket to make sure he does what is best for the game of golf.
  8. NEIChawk

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    I love the Ryder Cup, but to have Tiger on that team is just another slap in the face to the USA......I think we've had more of that lately than we need......Tiger just needs to sit this one out....
  9. HawkMD2007

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    Not to worry. Tiger only seems to play in the major tourneys anymore.
  10. LG210

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    What we have seen of him this year: a missed cut and a 23 stroke loss in a major.

    He has literally shown no evidence that he has recovered from his surgery such that he can be a consistently good golfer.

    We are going to have a tough time this year based on the strength of the European team. We do not need increase the degree of difficulty by going in there with only 11 guys.
  11. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    NBC/Golf Channel
  12. JHHawk

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    As I said, let him play his way onto the team the next month. If he continues to struggle, no problem...he is off.

    But, if he plays well, he is on...simple.
  13. BLKNGOLD48

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    This man gets it. If Tiger pays well at the Bridgestone and the PGA, he'll be on the team. Jack Nicklaus came out yesterday saying it would be an easy choice for him, if Tiger is healthy (which he states he is) he would pick him.
  14. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Isn't he only playing in two more before the FedEx Cup stuff kicks in?

    Tiger is one of the all-time greats, but his driver is so far gone right now that I don't think that a couple of tournaments will get him where he needs to be. I guess we will see, though.
  15. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Here's an article with some differing viewpoints. The point about a bad shot here-or-there in match play is not as important as in stroke play is an interesting consideration because Tiger did have a few (if I recall correctly) worse-than-bogey-holes.

    2. Jack Nicklaus said this week that Tiger Woods should “absolutely” be on the Ryder Cup team and that he expects Team USA captain Tom Watson to pick Woods. Do you think that Watson will pick Woods -- and do you think he should?
    SENS: I don't think he will and I don't think he should. Even when he's been in form, Tiger's impact on the team has been mixed. Sweet in singles, but sour in partner play, and not just because of his losing record. How much time and energy has been expended over the years agonizing over who should be paired with Tiger? It's ridiculous, and though it may not be Tiger's fault, it's still bad for team chemistry. Give me a feisty squad like the Tiger-less one we had at Valhalla, where no individual seemed larger than whole.
    LYNCH: There is no love lost between Woods and Watson, so this coy dance they're playing -- Tiger saying he wants to play, Tom saying he wants him if he's healthy -- is more entertaining than illuminating. I don't think Tiger's form right now (nor his past record) justifies a pick, but that could change quickly. In any event, Watson won't be listening to advice from the cheap seats. But I'm sure the suits at the PGA of America and NBC have some strong views on a potential Ryder Cup without Woods, and Watson will give those folks more of a hearing than he'd probably care to admit.
    PASSOV: Yes, Woods should absolutely be on the Ryder Cup, and no, I'm not entirely sure that Watson will pick him. One the one hand, it's tough to pick a guy who's off by so much with the driver right now. On the other hand, Tiger Woods is still Tiger Woods. He's got two months to figure things out. I'm not passing final judgment on the state of his game based on six post-back surgery rounds. Also, it's match play. A few bad holes or poor shots doesn't hurt as much as in stroke play. Finally, this is Tiger. See what the TV ratings were for a Rory British Open win, without Tiger (or Phil) in contention? Dismal. Golf needs Tiger on every big stage right now, and that includes the Ryder Cup.
    VAN SICKLE: Tiger has to show some form and have a high finish in the PGA or at Bridgestone. If Tiger doesn't do anything in either event, I think Watson has to take a pass on him. You want Tiger if he's still Tiger. We haven't seen enough to make a fair determination.
    BAMBERGER: I think he won't and I think he shouldn't. Unless he wins somewhere between now and D-day, no way. He's not shown that he's close.
    WALKER: 100 percent yes Watson should pick Tiger and 100 percent yes he will. I don’t understand why this is a debate. Tiger’s not in a slump, he’s recovering from back surgery. If the Ryder Cup was held last year, he’d be at the top of the qualifying list. By this September, he will be one of the 12 best American players. He belongs on the team for many reasons, but that’s the biggest.
    RITTER: Watson started hedging at Hoylake when he said he'd pick Tiger with the caveat that Woods show well in his upcoming events and qualify for the FedEx Cup. Tiger didn't do Tom any favors when he said he's ready to go and that Watson should pick him, but I think Watson now has it right: No free rides. Not even for Tiger.

    Read more:
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  17. NEIChawk

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    Bradley, Snedeker, and Phil....
  18. BLKNGOLD48

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  19. uihawk82

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    Let's see if Patrick Reed is hitting the sophomore slump or if his self annointment of himself as a top 5 world player comes back to bite him in the arse.

    Reed was very close to winning about a month to 6 weeks ago but he made some 4th round mistakes and faded. Didnt do great in the British did he?

    He seems to be very good but if he falters in the next 4 weeks then give it to Tiger or Bradley
  20. LG210

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    You read my damn mind. Exact 3 I would choose.