Should Tiger Woods be a Tom Watson Ryd edrs Cup captain's pick?

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by KansasHawkeye, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. JHHawk

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    Phil? He has had a poor season. At least Tiger has the excuse of back surgery. Phil has struggled all season with his putting, and driving. Now, I do think that Phil probably should be added for the same reason as Tiger...experience, but if one stays home, it should be Phil unless he lites it up the next few weeks.

    Snedeker is a great putter but has been very average lately. Reed has fallen off. Go with the vets.
  2. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Fair point on Phil, but you do know pretty much what you are getting with him at this point.

    The same cannot be said of Tiger.

    I would feel bad for the guy paired with Tiger on alternate shot day. I guess you would have to look down your lineup and determine who is the absolute best player out of the rough and pair him with Tiger on that day.
  3. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Also, Sneddy's short game--beyond just his putting--adds a ton of value in the Ryder Cup format.
  4. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    I'm sticking with "no" on this. I don't think he will play until 2015.
  5. imported_ankle23

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    if you ever have low back issues like he has, one of the big 'no nos' is to torque your back like golfers do with their golf swing. and i'm just talking, for example, looking behind you without moving your hips - just twisting your head/back - not a 'violent' golf swing. tiger's swing has always produced more torque - the way he swings with his core.

    the thing with back surgery - yes, it can quickly fix the problem. but if you, the person, don't fix/change the issues that has caused/led the disc to herniate, then the disc(s) will eventually herniate again. for example, being fat (gut) and out-of-shape leads to low back issues. improper lifting. sitting all day, etc, etc.

    i think his days of being a legitimate golfer are numbered.
  6. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Yeah--I've had my share of lower back issues due to too much upper body strength--sounds funny, but is true (or too weak of a core, depending on how you look at it). Until you throw your back out, you have no idea how integral your lower back is to nearly every motion you make every day. Back pain is no fun.

    And you are correct that golf is just about the worst thing you can do for your back. It must be truly disheartening for Tiger to have just come off of surgery and to mess up his back less than three full tournaments into his comeback.

    I think he is skilled enough to make a comeback starting next year, but I think that he will have to re-learn how to play the game in a much less powerful manner, which will make it hard to compete with the youngsters. It will be interesting to watch, regardless of outcome.
  7. imported_ankle23

    imported_ankle23 Well-Known Member

    me too. been there, done that with l4/l5 chronic issues. lot of reasons we get there- but that is a different thread. strengthen your core and lose the gut. if you don't have a gut, strengthen your core anyway! :) a weak core and the back overcompensates - that is one reason for our pain.
  8. KansasHawkeye

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    So....aside from our own issues with aging....he appears to be done. How long will he voluntarily show up and be beat week after week with little chance to show?
  9. uihawk82

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    Ouch, harsh assessment of Tiger but perhaps very accurate. Tiger used to putt so well and I dont know his putting stats the last few years but I doubt they are as good. He has lost the nerve to take off break and run putts past the hole. He is wild with his driver so with bad driving and putting he cant put 4 really good major-winning type rounds together.

    So now the answer is no to the ryder cup and no to him being a dominant player
  10. KansasHawkeye

    KansasHawkeye Well-Known Member

    I think Tom's decision is a lot easier since my initial post. Tiger will sit this one out.
  11. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Shooting 74 an being 9 back after round 1 in the PGA is not good especially with about 80 golfers between him and the leaders. Tiger cant expect all these 80 golfers to have 3 bad rounds and let him back in it.

    Tweaking his back, tweaking again yesterday I just cant see how watson picks him.

    I have to say that Patrick Reed is hanging in there.

    It would be nice if Dustin Johnson were a more fiery player and still eligible for ryder cup play. But it sounds like he is a bit too fiery in other places.

    Is there anyone on the US team to bring in ratings? The Europeans have all the stars.
  12. Sparky

    Sparky Well-Known Member

    Tiger pulled himself from contention so it's a moo point.

    From the article:
    I've been told by my doctors and trainer that my back muscles need to be rehabilitated and healed. They've advised me not to play or practice now. I was fortunate that my recent back injury was not related to my surgery and was muscular only.
    I have already spoken to Tom [Watson] about the Ryder Cup, and while I greatly appreciate his thinking about me for a possible captain's pick, I took myself out of consideration. The U.S. team and the Ryder Cup mean too much to me not to be able to give it my best. I'll be cheering for the U.S. team. I think we have an outstanding squad going into the matches.
    Good on Tiger to realize that he would hurt more than help at this point.

    Also, I know I said moo point.
  13. thetrza

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    I think I read on Cyclonefanatic about how Ferentz was like the Tiger Woods of Iowa College Football and Paul Rhoads was like the Rory McIlroy because one of them had all their glory in the past and the future belongs to the other guy or something.
  14. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Agree--it is now a moo point.