Shymansky Placed on Administrative Leave

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    IOWA CITY, Iowa – The University of Iowa Athletics Department announced on Monday volleyball head coach Bond Shymansky has been placed on a 30-day paid administrative leave due to an NCAA rules violation.

    Earlier today the University notified the NCAA, and the investigative process is ongoing.
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    According to Barta, a “former student-athlete” came forward May 1, alleging Shymansky had violated NCAA rules. Two days later, conversations began with a law firm to conduct an external investigation.
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    Rut roh!
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    UI Press Release

    IOWA CITY, Iowa --
    The University of Iowa Athletics Department announced Wednesday the termination of head volleyball coach Bond Shymansky, for cause. The announcement was made by Gary Barta, Henry B. and Patricia B. Tippie Director of Athletics Chair.

    The termination is due to the determination by the university, following an independent investigation by an outside law firm, of a major violation of NCAA rules. The violation includes intentionally providing an impermissible benefit to a prospective student-athlete, who went on to compete for the UI volleyball program and is now a former student-athlete.

    Upon the conclusion of the internal investigation, Iowa self-reported the violation to the NCAA and is cooperating in the process.

    “We take NCAA violations very seriously, and have acted in a fair and decisive manner,” said Barta. “We will continue to work with the NCAA in regard to our self-report to reach a conclusion in this matter as swiftly as possible.”

    Barta announced that Vicki Brown, who was named interim head coach on May 20, 2019, will remain in that role for the 2019-20 volleyball season. Brown was named associate head coach in April, 2017.

    Shymansky was named head volleyball coach on Feb. 3, 2014, posting a 78-83 record in five seasons.

    Per request from the NCAA, Iowa will refrain from comment on this matter during the investigation. The NCAA will release its findings upon conclusion of its investigation.
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    He should have followed the Cam Newton model and gave the money to her father's church...
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    A case of doing the right thing in the eyes of humanity is the wrong thing in the eyes of the all powerful NCAA. This was a breach of the letter of the law but the spirit of the law is garbage.
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    Barta was ALL OVER this one...I mean, not the whole field hockey thing that cost the university millions because he couldn't be bothered to do some paperwork, or the crazy extensions, but, he was ON IT.

    We have the worst AD in college athletics, and it's not particularly close.
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    Barta is awful, he should have just fined Shamansky and then suspend him the first half of the 2019 volleyball season. To fire Bond over rent money is a joke. Of course, Barta get's sued by two former female employees and cost the U of Iowa 6 million dollars and he get's to keep his job!
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