Simmons, what a POS

Discussion in 'Football' started by HawkleberryFinn, Apr 25, 2019.

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    Minus Fant. He was getting his bow tie ready.
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    Yup, just queued my copy and realized that it was Hock alone.... Couldn't correct it fast enough, lol!
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    I totally agree with your thoughts on the segment. It really didn't serve a major point, and seem to be salacious...not really helping anyone or anything.
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    This whole thread is unfortunate. First, it exposes us for who we are. As a culture from Iowa, we have little understanding of the situation for minorities. As the state that leads the nation in counties with the lowest minority populations. We can make comments that sound like "I'm sure glad we don't deal with that". Why don't we?

    Because it's about % black populations. That ultimately is about poverty. U I football likely has a low % of black players in part due to black players not wanting to come here. The black players that do come here are likely not from Iowa and separated from their neighborhoods. Obviously, there are black players from affluent areas, but most aren't. Also, there is a strong movement in this nation away from football in more highly educated schools. Again this is an income thing. We don't get many players out of Waterloo in Iowa. Why? They have crap programs due to a lack of school funding. Think about it. Iowa 10 years ago had 2 running backs from Iowa that were black. Both were relatively close to home and neither finished their careers due to problems. There are exceptions. Tavian B comes to mind. Roger Craig is the other, but they came from different backgrounds than do many black players especially those that don't go to Iowa.

    It's not a race thing. If you think it is, go into certain areas of Council Bluffs at night. Go to poor white areas in Eastern Europe. In a rural area, saw something similar only they were white and the old woman (babushka) was wailing on a man who was hurt with a 2-inch thick cane. Thought he was going to die. Abuse happens in all sorts of economic conditions, but crime and such incidents as these are more prone to poor areas.

    Take into account then that football is a violent sport with brain injuries. Brain injuries from concussions lead to lower impulse control and then you have it...fights and drugs. Poverty also leads to less intact families which also leads to problems.

    What happened was sad. Our discussion on this is sad. Unfortunately, expect more educated and less poor people to play LESS football in the future. What do you think that the equation will have as an answer?