Slick HN T-Shirts for Sale

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Dec 8, 2016.

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    simple. I like it
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    Thanks. These are the same ones we gave away to the weekly pick'em winners this year.
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    Fans will understand!
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    T-Shirt should say 'Paint The Water Tower"
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    image of football field with Tiger Hawk at the 50. Quote underneath pic.
    "Hell halluth frozen over"
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    Where's the Iowa fans favorite refrain t-shirt ???---- "KF's NFL-Maker Machine" there's not gonna be an "Iowa Hawkeyes Big Ten Champions" t-shirt.
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    What a great beatdown of the Ohio State University. Your new tradition at the end of the first quarter is truly inspiring. I came up with the following tshirt ideas for you (excuse the crude art work). Iowa is now my favorite Big 10 team. Congrats on your great victory today. Geaux Hawkeyes! Iowa White.jpg Iowa Black.jpg
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    I really like the Paint it Black shirts myself
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    Are these shirts still available? [​IMG]