So how much trouble are we talking?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Hawkfnntn, Feb 23, 2018.

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    Likely be years before anything happens, if ever.:mad:
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  3. mopkins

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    I'm sure all of them will deny it, and the NCAA will struggle to prove any of it. The schools will deny knowledge of any of it since they can claim the parents/agents brokered deals without their knowledge.

    Fran should get a $10M and 5 year extension for not being named.
  4. lightning1

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    Not going to be any trouble for the blue blood programs. Zero, zilch, nothing, nathan, nada! Book it.
  5. Hawk5656

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    I saw the Barnstormer's fired Stephen. I hope that doesn't have anything to do with this since we've had a lot of guys from that program.
  6. NEIChawk

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    Meanwhile, back in Iowa....Fran is still our coach, ISU still sucks, and do I eat beef or fish tonight? Hmm. Which one of these examples will I have better chance of digesting? I know that Fran sucks as a coach, and ISU will always suck, I guess I'll go with the fish
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    Well this is the FBI not the NCAA doing all the leg work here. So there's that. They can't do anything about preventing a nutjob kid they've been warned about from shooting up a school but they can nail these schools to the wall. Go figure
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    I've been told by the board experts that nothing is going to happen. They are typically right. It will be interesting to watch. The national media seem to think this is more of a story, but they are trying to sell content.
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    Unfortunately, the more teams/colleges that are implicated, the more watered-down the punishment or sanctions will be. NCAA can't afford to have ALL the blue blood schools punished at the same time.

    2020 NCAA Final Four = Indiana State - Vanderbilt - Texas Tech - Iowa
  10. mopkins

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    There are different divisions of the FBI.
  11. Hawkfnntn

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    I was going to say if you eliminate the top 20ish schools from contention the next few years we might just be able to make the dance... (how sad is that)
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    I'd pass on the fish.
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    Don't give Bary Larta any more ideas :)
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    I have not felt this sick since watching that Ronald Reagan film.
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    I bet Buyout Barta is thinking double that amount.
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  17. NoBeer

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    This will be their excuse. It has nothing to do with the coach or the school. It is all on the agent and the athlete.
  18. revkev73

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    "I think everyone knows that there are billions of people in the world, as a coach, I just can't police everything that goes on out there...I told my people to make sure they follow the NCAA rules and they try, but no one can read or understand all the record speaks for itself...I plan to get back to doing the work I was hired to do."

    That should work...
  19. bogeyman

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    I was going to say, maybe Barta is a genius this whole time and knows Fran is the only one not on a list and Iowa will be a top 5 team after all the others get taken down! It is our only hope at this point, one can dream right :)
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    Teams identified in FBI probe
    The following teams were mentioned in Yahoo!'s report. Other teams such as Auburn, Arizona and Oklahoma State were implicated when the original charges came out last September.

    Potential impermissible benefits and preferential treatment for players and families
    Alabama, Duke, Kentucky, LSU, Maryland, Michigan State, NC State, North Carolina, Seton Hall, Texas, USC, Washington

    Schools named in former ASM Sports employee Christian Dawkins' expense reports (seeking reimbursement for thousands of dollars he paid to college and high school players and their families)
    Clemson, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State, South Carolina, Texas, USC, Utah, Wichita State, Xavier

    Schools that had players/families listed as meeting with Dawkins
    Alabama, Creighton, Duke, Iowa State, Kentucky, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas, Vanderbilt, Virginia

    Schools with active players implicated
    Alabama (Collin Sexton), Duke (Wendell Carter), Kentucky (Kevin Knox), Michigan State (Miles Bridges), South Carolina (Brian Bowen), Texas (Eric Davis Jr.), USC (Bennie Boatwright)

    Schools with former players implicated
    Clemson, Creighton, Iowa State, Kansas, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, NC State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Seton Hall, Utah, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Washington, Wichita State, Xavier
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