So, is Jordan practicing?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by InGoodCo, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Not sure if practicing, but ...

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    The schools recruiting them will have all the information available to show how they will market them, and how much more money they will make at an Ohio State or Michigan. It would make it a lot harder for a school like Iowa. It is never going to be fair though. These politicians in California, New York, ect. remind me of dogs that like to piss in the yard to show others they have been there.
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    There is only so much money to go around and some of these kids may have higher marketability in a smaller market like Iowa. The blue bloods will still get the best players. But if a kid knows they will be 6th or 7th on a Duke or Kentucky team that means they could potentially get more money at a smaller school where they are the big fish.

    I think at the end of the day, this stuff will work itself out and we will see not much difference as far as talent disparity that we already have in college sports.

    I think that any athletic department that doesn't already have upgraded facilities in place may have a harder time raising that money in a few years when donors would rather send their donations directly to players.
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    Where will the U of I. get the $? Herky better start baking brownies.
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    It'll be a boon for Iowa. They still own all the University logos and their name in combination with the logos will be what sells. So the U of I will still get its cut, don't you worry. And we might even move up a notch in terms of talent we can recruit because I can tell you right now I'd buy a Goodson Jersey and a Toussaint jersey. I don't think I'd be the only one in Hawkeye Nation either.
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    Will there still be brownies?
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    Not the kind you get in Colorado, but I'm sure the University would be happy to sell you some. Just stop by Burge or Hillcrest.
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    In other words, no different than in actual games.:)
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    4th picture ... :)

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    Not a fan of those shoes.. We gotta step up our shoe game geez. Nike but hook our guys up with the bottom of the barrel stuff.
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    Let's see where that shot started. If he isn't shooting from his chest anymore, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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    Just a few more weeks...

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    Holy Cow, I need to get to the eye doctor.
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    Midseason in the B1G


    It's All Good
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    That looks like a very difficult shot to block. If PMac can get off the floor unencumbered and is fairly accurate, we will be doing alright. I am looking forward with high expectations to watching Patrick and JoeW play together. They could be one of the best scoring combos we have had

    Merely a demented personal delusion that related to a dream I have a few months ago
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    I have a feeling that JoeW is going to break out this season. There were countless times last season that I was screaming at the TV for him to shoot the ball. He underplayed his role a bit, deferring to the veterans on the floor. This season will be different. In the photo he is wide open and if PMac decides not to release the ball, the opposing player will be vastly out of position to stop a pass to JoeW breaking to the basket.....

    It's all looking good
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    I appreciate the optimism, but that's against a true freshman walk-on guard who is 6'2. Aidan Vanderloo. I hope it still looks as good in season against Big Ten competition.
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