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    I forget who suggested it, but I took it and decided to go this way. This will be the one catch-all thread for all discussion on social issues and politics as they relate to Iowa football. It is not permitted in any other thread on the board and it will be dealt with how I see fit.

    The main topics will be racism allegations against the football program, how the Hawkeyes are handling protest for the national anthem and COVID-19 stories as they pertain to Iowa football. All of these topics have become politicized, so that's why I'm including "politics" as it pertains to these topics as acceptable.

    Straying from this discussion as it pertains to Hawkeye sports will not be permitted. You guys are smart enough to know the difference from posting a story about other college football teams testing positive for COVID-19, which would be allowed because of the connection, and posting something about politicians' stances on mask wearing.

    There obviously will be some gray area. And I'll judge every post and every poster as best I can. Please do not look for loopholes and make my job difficult in moderating this thread.

    I think there needs to be a place for discussion on these topics as they relate to Iowa football. It's where we are as a country. We see athletes fostering change at other schools, not just Iowa.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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    I really want to take this seriously, but my gut says something is off about this statement and the conversation screenshots. There's more to this story. I just know it.

    I just can't figure out how a guy can boast about Iowa and the coaches on numerous occasions, then suddenly years later cry wolf. This lawyer's got a mountain to climb.
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    AK is an embarrassment. Hiding behind his mom this whole time and then releasing what exactly? He felt BF's ski mask comment was racist? It's not. He felt violated because he had to drink a shake to make weight? He was undersized his whole career, and coaches were trying to help him. He felt disrespected because he parked illegally and BF yelled at him? Lol, why would he think he's entitled to park his car anywhere he wants? No, this comes down to him and his mom blame Iowa coaches for not getting drafted. Just look at Sharonda Phelps quotes after AK's senior year leading up to the draft. She could not have been more complimentary, and at the same contradictory to her statements now.
    AK was undersized, a 2* recruit with one other offer (Temple). Ak didn't get drafted, he was cut by the Titans, cut by the AAF, and then cut by the XFL. He's showing his immaturity by letting his mom speak on his behalf and not accepting any blame himself, but trying to pin his own failures on Iowa coaches. I can commend James Daniels and others for speaking out, but to me AK's statements falls in the category of DJK and a few others (Marcel Joly, Terrence Harris). Iowa did a lot for AK, and his response has been stealing money and memorabilia from fans and now this. What a joke.
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    I remember when Akrum was a freshman. I remember how electric he was. I remember him fumbling and never seeing the field again. I remember we had a fullback as our starting RB.

    This was one of the most blatant favoritism calls I have seen at Iowa. And there have been a lot.
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    I will not respond to your white privilege. Just you take on Wadleys size and being too small.

    Found an article designing the perfect RB. It compared the sizes and styles of RBs in the NFL.

    5;10" 215 lbs and quick was the size and best attribute. Akrum is 5'10" and is undersize weight wise but that can be rectified. But his natural attributes are there.

    You ever think KF blackballed him? Seems like this is a thing.
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    I was as frustrated as you having a FB run a HB stretch but he lost 2 fumbles on 33 carries... That will land you on the bench anywhere as a freshman.
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    Lol, what part of my post is white privilege? If you're too woke to recognize the contradictory statements from AK and his mom then I can't help you.

    Wadley was 5'9 and often under the 190 lb playing weight goal. So you're pretty far off. Also, what connections does KF have with AAF or XFL to get Wadley cut?
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    I don't know if KF tried to blackball him or not. I do know that Akrum and his uncle had a meeting with KF, Brian, and Chris White prior to the 2017 season about playing weight. The Wadley's thought he needed to cut weight, but the staff said he needed to be about 210-215 to have the best chance at the NFL. Akrum and his uncle disagreed with that and he never bulked up. He got his shot with the Titans, but just like at Iowa, he had issues with ball security. Add that to him being hurt in camp, and there was no way he was going to make a roster.
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    I get the blinders. I am from Iowa too.

    The first thing you said about the robbing a liquor store statement. That is as a white privilege statement as there is. You have no idea what these kids went through growing up. To you and your white bread upbringing, kind of funny. To a black kid, not so much.

    So an undersized player never made it in the NFL? Man, I never knew.

    And if you dont think KF has pull with every pro league or has contacts and can blackball players, you are living under a rock. Football is as inbred a sport as there is. HCs, esp, on who has been in the pros and college ranks for 40 years, are going to know a lot of people and those people will respect his opinion, esp. when the HC has a track record.

    Maybe you should wake up.
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    I can almost guarantee I've been in more diverse groups than you. Hell, I spent 3 years living in Irvine playing basketball in Compton where I'd be the only white kid in the gym. White privilege, like the word racist, is simply thrown around far too loosely these days.
    In a weird way, it's actually kind of racist that you only associate ski masks and robbing a liquor store with black people. Because that's obviously where you arrived...
    What purpose would KF have to blackball AK from the league? Absolutely none, it only works against the Iowa program. Will KF tell NFL execs if their character is questionable, if their mom is a headache that isn't worth dealing with? Yes, that's why execs trust KF. If you think AK is warranted in blaming the Iowa coaches because as a 2* recruit with zero other D1 offers, as undersized as he is didn't make it to NFL and somehow the Iowa coaches are to blame. Maybe you should wake up.
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    I think it's great that the "accuse everyone else of being racist" board is trying to limit "accuse everyone else of being racist" to one thread. Seems useful.
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    Wadley had 8 fumbles and 5 lost at Iowa. Im not sure that qualifies as ball security issues.
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    Who accused anyone of being racist? Why are you being defensive?

    White privilege does not equal someone being racist.
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    LOL. Thats like the dude saying "I have a black friend."

    I get that white privilege is being thrown around a lot these days. I wonder why? Since you were in Compton, I imagine you saw some stuff that you didnt see in Iowa.

    What purpose would KF have to blackball a player? To screw them over for not buckling under the to the Iowa culture. His story is not the first story we have heard about the culture. Why do you hide from the culture issue at Iowa? Even KF said it needs to change. If it needs to change than there is an issue.

    I have a hard time understanding why these kids stories are not being believed. When it is only one story, I understand, but when it is 50, there is probably something there. Maybe they are right. Maybe there is racism in the program. Maybe there is a culture of picking on black kids that dont act "white" enough.
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    I'm torn on the NFL part of his deal. His deal wasn't like DJK who NEVER even got a foot in the door. Wadley went to camp with the Titans. A team I thought he shoulda landed the 3rd RB job there easily. But he didn't and wasn't picked up by anyone else. Then couldn't stick with the other leagues either which he shoulda dominated at. So from just that side of it I don't see any blackballing. He's the type of dime a dozen talent that if in the right situation I could see being successful in the league. Or not quite good enough. It's an awefully fine line and especially at that position.
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    "What you see on TV isn't what you get behind closed doors."

    This is the most telling thing about the whole issue going on with Iowa football.

    Yet all the Ferentz sheep like @WinOneThisCentury worship at the feet of Daddy and Baby 'Rentz despite never having met the two of them, especially not in a private capacity.

    You guys are in no way different than Joe Paterno deniers.
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    Actually, being a minority more so than AK ever was at Iowa is nothing like saying I have one black friend..
    I believe there was an old school culture that could be seen as bullying. 95% of any players stories have been shown that it had nothing to do with race, Doyle would belittle anybody. What specifically do you think was racist and only pinpointed black players?