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Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jun 29, 2020.

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    Now that we are so far down the rabbit hole anyone think we'll see an Iowa football program with KF as HC and Brian let go? I think it's almost a package deal now. If KF is 'forced' to fire Brian I bet he may just step down too. I wouldn't put the farm on it playing out that way or anything but I could see it happen.
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    Both Ferentzes and Wallace need to go. Whether one believes that they did anything wrong, a little bit wrong, or were totally bad people, they need to go.

    Recruiting will be nonexistent until they go. Firing them now could be a fresh start and hopefully save the program.

    Write this down, Iowa football will be the next Illinois in 4 years if coaches stay.

    Brian, Doyle, and Wallace shit in their own beds; now they can lay in them.

    Kirk was in charge and allowed it to happen even if he wasn’t present. All you Eagle Scout and apple pie folks out there should find a new team if you can’t bear the thought of not being able to worship the Cap’n.

    There is Hawkeye football before 2020, and after 2020 now, whether you like it or not. Gonna have to burn your gear and find another team if you can’t handle it, because it’s happening. And to you folks, bye Felicias.
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    As long as there’s a Ferentz involved in Iowa football we’re not going to have effective recruitment, and hence we’re not going to have an effective football team.

    And to those people who think recruits are going to listen to old white guys on twitter saying everything’s good to go vs. a college coach recruiting and telling them Iowa’s a racist shithole, wake up.

    If we go even a couple of years with recruitment flops, we’re now Nebraska 2.0 and we’ll be in for another 40 years of bottom feeder garbage football.
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    I am just catching up with this thread. i havent been following much other news outlets about it except one story on Green. If Barta and a task force heard about this in Spring 2019 and little was said to coaching staff or put in place to correct these verbal assaults then Barta and other offending coaches have to go. Fire them.

    Coaches who did not say or do bad stuff could stay because they were not complicit. Many times the Head Coach has to go because he is totally in charge.

    This is bad. With all the posts it is hard to keep track of what was proven but Doyle must have done it as he left the program.

    The UI and Iowa have usually lead on racial issues so I hope this is just one or a couple coaches/staff members.
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    That's just it right there. Is there a way to keep this upcoming recruiting class intact? With or without changing the coaching staff? It seems that so far they have but the hay isn't in the barn yet. But even IF this upcoming class were to stay in tow and is pretty darn good then the following years class could easily be extremely tough for us still.

    We AREN'T Penn State and it's a whole lot easier for us to be negatively recruited against on a vast scale over this going forward that unless the staff is overhauled that line of thinking will continue to get hammered out there. PSU was able to overcome all their crap in a way faster way then most would have thought due to being a long standing blue blood and well cleaning house. We need to have some self awareness and realize just how uphill of a climb it is for us. We can be Illinois or what Purdue was before Brohm got there pretty easily. Or yeah God forbid Nebraska...
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    The ohio state coach's wife battery issue eventually drove out urban and this Iowa racial slur type issues will probably do the same thing to some or all coaches.

    i also dont get the graduation rate numbers because for years it has looked like the hawk football program was high in achievement so what gives?
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    People - this is not a football issue. It’s a human decency issue. Stop worrying about recruiting and correct the problem. There needs to be significant changes including most likely a regime change. The things happening are wrong on all levels. Recruiting and wins are not worth this.
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    Yeah the media sure didn't do a good job of putting those numbers out there over the years.... The good black players we've had have often left early to go pro. Many of the rest transfer or flame out. Desmond King is the exception to everything and I'm surprised that with that having been the case that back when he decided to come back that this topic hadn't been noticed more. Till James Daniels started putting out the numbers from his own homework having been done on it I had no clue it was that bad. I mean it's beyond embarrassingly bad.
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    I was reading an article by a Michigan reporter talking about the Michigan program for this fall. He said there are several Big Ten teams seriously considering not playing this fall and are just waiting as they don't want be the first to do it. In regard to Michigan he said he thinks they will play but very likely drop the non conference games that are quite a distance. He thought they will consider maybe doing a home and home with Michigan State and Ohio State. Obviously travel especially air travel is a huge factor.

    So would we consider dropping games that require a substantial travel element? Would we consider a home and home with Minnesota? Iowa State?

    Hey I don't know how valid this guys observations are but really who knows what could happen You cant make this stuff up
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    The sooner you accept it the sooner we can move onto next year. At least it'll give the team time to hopefully rebuild their reputation after getting rid of the 'Rentzes and Wallace.
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    We need to keep 12 games and limit travel. I want a home and home with each of Nebraska, ISU, Kansas, KSU, Illinois and Northern Illinois.
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    Even if current players and this year's freshmen are still all rainbows and sugar plums about this year it doesn't mean jack moving forward. Campbell, Frost, Chryst, Fleck, and Harbaugh are telling every recruit that'll listen what an elitist, racist, abusive shit hole Iowa is while sitting at their parents' kitchen tables. We're fucked unless CD, KF, BF, and SW are all gone.
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    No Briar Cliff?

    I went there. I'd actually pay to see that one this year.
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    Probably the only B1G athletic department that would actually save money by not having a football season.
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    I don't think college football will exist in the north in 40 years.
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    Neither will either of us unfortunately.
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    Yeah, one of the comments is the same thing I thought a few months ago. Let the NFL run a supplemental draft and waive the 3 year rule. No sense in making kids like Trevor Lawrence or Alaric Jackson sit around idle for a year. I still think the NFL can pull something off.
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