SoundOFF - Nebraska Media Questioning Frost After Iowa Game

Discussion in 'Football' started by Casey388, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Casey388

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  2. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    @74Hunter , you too busy writing fan mail to Larry Phillips to respond to this?
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  3. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Seemingly a lot of broken I Pads and laptops to the west.

    I recall one post from 74 Hunter that proclaimed "What's up cats and kittens?" or something like that.

    And their senior offensive lineman who couldn't wait to beat Iowa won't get chance now or ever again.

    We tried to give the game away and they still couldn't take it.

    Because their defense (shock) couldn't get the one stop when they needed it most.

    Guess we know who the kittens were.
  4. BrianFerentzForPresident

    BrianFerentzForPresident Well-Known Member

    Frost reminds me a lot of Campbell, another guy yet to figure Iowa out. Difference is Campbell isn’t a genuine asshole.
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  5. eveningnewsteam

    eveningnewsteam Well-Known Member

    They’re overmatched in the trenches against Iowa. For them, they need perfect play from skill guys all day long to be successful and that’s hard to do. When you’re getting owned up front all day the margin for error is razor thin.
  6. 4thngoal

    4thngoal Well-Known Member

    I just hope all that disrespect and trash talking works on a loop all off-season and spring/summer.
    That way we can go into their house next year and pummel them 70-0 then shake hands give them a wink and say good game.
  7. Hawkfnntn

    Hawkfnntn Well-Known Member

    Strait up. We hadn't looked that good running the ball pretty much all year. The left side of our Oline was just able to do whatever they wanted. If anything we should be upset we didn't destroy them by more....
  8. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    At the rate they're going they may try and attack us in our own tunnel next year. Never underestimate desperation.
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  9. 4thngoal

    4thngoal Well-Known Member

  10. 74Hunter

    74Hunter Well-Known Member

    I think that quite some time ago I learned not to fraternize with or engage bitter, unstable, self esteem lacking, low IQ cvnts. You see, these worthless losers of life will stop at nothing to denigrate and bemoan those that they are jealous of, be it a successful co-worker, a former lover, or just a random hottie, etc., that the jealous cvnt knows that they can never be.

    To get the acceptance and affirmation they desire, cvnts will surround them self with other lowlifes of their stature. In their echo chamber, they’ll spread lies, gossip, and make up their own reality (see delusion) to hide the fact that their entire existence is miserable. Since they can't rise up, they try to drag others down to their level.

    In the event that I can't steer clear of such cvnts, I’ll ignore them.

    You keep being you, I’ll continue to ignore you.

    Moving on…….

    Am I supposed to find this funny, flattering, insulting, or what? I think I’ll go with pathetic.

    Iowa fans and media sure spend a helluva lot of time obsessing about everything that is Nebraska. Y’all spend more time talking about our teams from the 90s then we do. We all know that Iowa will never have that level of success, but you guys can take a little solace knowing that you were able to witness such greatness just to the west of your border.

    The really shitty thing is that the Iowa fans that I attended games with were all pretty cool. Honestly, there are more than a few of you on this message board that have been pretty cool. But message boards and social media in general bring out the anonymous d-bags, and this board is not immune to such d-baggery.
  11. 74Hunter

    74Hunter Well-Known Member

  12. CP87

    CP87 Well-Known Member

    You are absolutely right that we have been obsessing over Nebraska. I don't think anyone really cared that much initially, but the way that Nebraska fans talk about Iowa really gets under our skin. Really, it is very similar to how Iowa State feels about Iowa. Iowa talks down to them and their program all the time, so they are constantly defending themselves and they care about beating Iowa more than anything else.

    I work next to a Nebraska fan. I hear the, "Iowa is content with being mediocre, we are not. As soon as Frost gets things rolling, we will be perennial top-10 program" talking points. It is incredibly annoying when a fan of a team that Iowa has been trouncing implies not only that their program is superior, but that you are somehow deficient as a fan because you do not expect enough from your team. For that reason, I REALLY wanted Iowa to beat Nebraska this year. I don't expect the Nebraska fan base to change anytime in the near future, so I anticipate that I will continue to put more emphasis on beating Nebraska compared to any other mid-tier B1G West team.

    By the way, there were a ton of Nebraska fans at Kinnick last Friday. They made a great showing, they were loud, they were knowledgeable; I did not see any rudeness or unruly behavior. In short, they were great fans and they did a great job of supporting their team, and I hated them for doing it so well in OUR house.

    Good luck with Frost, I hope he makes Nebraska relevant again, and I hope Iowa keeps trouncing your team.
  13. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    Even when you're self-righteously chastising someone you still have to refer to seasons from over 20 years ago :)

    At least you're starting to admit that you root for a suck hole team that can't compete in a real conference.

    And I remember a couple weeks ago you came on the board and started a little shit with us. I don't remember calling your name before that.

    Now tell us again how you feel bad for your rapist Larry and how he deserves some benefit of the doubt because he played for your slime ball program. You know, like you did a few times before. You think Frost is hiding any guns in his office for players like your demigod Sleazy T Osborne did? TO deserves watching his football team go down in flames and so does your entire inbred fan base.
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  14. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    Except for all the drool and the Habsburg jaw they all have.

    And that weird oniony/garlic smell.
  15. westender

    westender Well-Known Member

    And had their sorry asses been in a real conference back in the 1990s they wouldn't have gotten those titles either. Had to beat one decent team all season and were in title game.
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  16. westender

    westender Well-Known Member

    You boys better get on those weights. Coach thinks you are on the weak and smallish side. His words not ours.
  17. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    It was your AD who warned the Michigan's and Ohio States of the world that they would soon be afraid of Nebraska

    It was your coach who called Purdue a winnable game in public.

    It was your offensive lineman going public, at least socially, with his quote about "I can't wait to beat Iowa."

    It was your post, after no one heard a peep out of any of you when you were losing to Troy and starting F-R-0-6-T, that called us a bunch of cats and kittens.

    If Nebraska had won that game you and your fellow fans would have descended upon these boards like a plague of locusts.

    We would love to ignore Nebraska. Some fruit is just hanging too low to resist.
  18. MoseSchrute

    MoseSchrute Well-Known Member

    This. Definitely this.
  19. DDThompson

    DDThompson Well-Known Member

    Mic drop
  20. Hawkfnntn

    Hawkfnntn Well-Known Member

    We were up 2 scores most of the way. But then for some reason in the 4th q we couldn't keep it going... We do in the 4th what we did the first 2 quarters we win by no less than 17-21. We should have had a 3 score lead on them no matter what but we found a way to piss it away and were fortunate at the end really.. That's how I felt watching it anyway
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