Sporting News 2020 bowl projections

Discussion in 'Football' started by Zstatman, May 28, 2020.

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    I thought that after the Music City Disaster where they kept getting Northwestern all the B1G bowls had cooling off periods. Are we back in the window where we might have to play in NYC again?
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    Please God, no.
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    Projecting bowl bids in October is a waste of time ... projecting them in May is just asinine.
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    Of course, a bowl game in the US epicenter of the virus!
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    The only way this happens is if we go 6-6 and Minnesota, Northwestern and Purdue all clear us by at least 2 games. The lowest mid tier game that we go to as long as we are bowl eligible is the Music City.

    What I think is that 12-0 and 11-1 puts us in the cfp or ny6 at worst. 10-2 puts us in ny6 or citrus. 9-3 gets us citrus or outback, although the outback is probably doubtful because of our past. 8-4 and 7-5 puts us in Belk or Music City.
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    As far as predictions go, I think one of the major things to look at considering the covid pandemic is coaching changes. That cannot be overlooked. And not just head coaches, coordinators just as much. It takes time and practice to build a cohesive program and there is no cheating it or faking it. So when there is a new guy heading up a program or a unit, you have to believe there will be some growing pains and will at best result in a limited playbook, at least early on.

    Some notes on that:

    Ohio State:. Last year they had a dynamic offense, sure, but it is their defense that dominated. That defense pretty much loses all the starters and they lost the coordinator as well.

    PSU:. They are replacing the offensive coordinator with Minnesota's ex coordinator.

    MSU:. New head coach. Tough time to be a new head coach with a lot of losses on both sides of the ball.

    Minnesota:. New offensive coordinator, and on top of that, co-coordinators. One of the guys has been on flecks staff and called the plays in the bowl game, but the other is a new hire from Nevada and will now call plays. Wierd dynamic there and considering that Fleck had relied on his last guy for the last 7 years, this is new for everyone involved. Considering they lose a lot of their defense, they cannot afford to take a step back on offense.

    Indiana:. Loses both offensive coordinator and special teams coordinator.

    NW offensive coordinator and Purdue defensive coordinator:. Not as big of losses here because they both sucked so bad at those sides of the ball anything would be an improvement. Hard to believe though that they can go from zero to great or even good in such a condensed time.
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    No, the Big Ten deal with the Pinstripe was originally an 8 year deal from 2014 to 2021. Part of the deal was that the Big Ten would send 8 different teams in 8 years. Iowa has served its sentence by going once. It does not have to go back.

    This is a little different from all the other bowls, which were 6 year deals from 2014-2019. The new bowls starting in 2020 are also 6 year deals running from 2020-2025.

    The part I am not clear on, is did the Big Ten extend its deal with the Pinstripe to 2025, and can they pick the same team again after 2021.
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    Right now Nebraska would chomp at the bit to play in that bowl, which is only appropriate for a team who's coach is named Frost.

    In case anyone is still wondering how far the once mighty Husker Nation has fallen.
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    I thought the B1G contract with the Pinstripe ended, but it looks like we have that shithole through 2025?
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    Yup, the original 8 year deal that was supposed to end in 2021 got extended to 2025.
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    Too much COVID in NYC. Bowl will never happen.:rolleyes: