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    Thought Stanley really got precise late in the season. His WR's got such poor separation he had to thread the needle. His tight ends by comparison got great separation. I really liked Vandenberg, but his injuries really slowed him down, especially on punt returns. Must have some deep threats develop next year.
    Butler was such a second banana this year I would have liked to have seen his minutes gone to a returning player. He was strictly a back up.
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    Absolutely, although in a lot of those instances where Wadley couldn't break through the middle of a scrum, Butler seemed to do a little better and softened them up. But, with Stanley and the long ball accuracy, all you have to do is watch his long throw to Easley. Just the right amount of touch, ball speed, and accuracy to put it in the only place it would have worked.
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    Easley became what Matt Vandeberg was to CJ in 2015 - his safety blanket. Really clutch on 3rd downs and the timing was usually perfect in a tight window. Easley rarely dropped a ball (a few egregious ones) but seemed to make the tough catches. Looking forward to see what another year of these two together can do
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    The only thing Stanley will win is a punt pass and kick contest which is where we obviously recruited him. Name one Heisman winner who lost to Northwestern and Purdue in season...try never...stop comparing an under 500 conference QB to a winner he is not there at this point.
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    Ah, so in your mind, if he's not a Heisman winner, he's a failure?

    The offense had its problems. Stanley was absolutely not one of them. If anyone on this board had predicted he'd throw for ~2500 yards and 26 TDs to just 6 INTs, they would have been called crazy or stupid.

    For a sophomore, he showed fantastic poise, arm strength, and touch, and his accuracy only improved as the year went on. There is plenty of deserved criticisms of the offense this season, but if you think Stanley is not the QB we need, you might need to study football a bit more.
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    Yeah would expect some misses if they have to cover. PP did say maybe they throw a 3rd safety type in there instead of a LB at times. They need the speed. Our D Line needs to get more pressure, and hopefully Nixon brings the Jaleel Johnson force in the middle.
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    Now we expect him to win the Heisman! So let's see we have to win Natty Title and QB has to win Heisman or its all a failure and Fire Ferentz!!!
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    He was gaining on the touch. needs to make quicker throws when our O line is shuffled. But we don't have all world WRs either.
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    Dude was a cool machine at the end of ISU game. That's where we knew.
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    Well you all can keep dreaming that this is a great QB, the Big Ten coaches didnt even recognize him on the Honorable Mention all conference team. I suppose they also know nothing.
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    The same Big Ten coaches who neglected to name Josey Jewell a first team all-conference last season?

    And for the record, he WAS HM by the media.
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    This is quite possibly the single most retarded post I've read on this site.

    Nevermind, you already topped yourself. Josey also didn't win the Butkus. Other teams' coaches aren't always the best judges.
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    Dream on Kirky

    Slowest running QB at Iowa since McCann
    Dials in on one receiver
    Wont throw the ball away, takes sacks regularly costing huge killer
    Overthrows every deep ball
    Audibles for a no gain plunge everytime, vs a quick in pattern on a blitz with man coverage like any good QB would do
    Cannot read a coverage...... period
    Throw harder that may work, guess not with all the drops in 2017

    He's two more years of average...enjoy it, but hes a nice kid.
    Mirrored in mediocrity
  14. cohawkeye

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    96th in the country in passing
    116th in the country in total offense

    what else needs to be said.