STORY: Dallas Picks Iowa's Megan Gustafson in WNBA Draft

Discussion in 'Iowa Women's Basketball' started by RobHowe, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. RobHowe

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    Hawkeye All-American chosen in second round:

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  2. Tierney

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    She looks nice in red.
  3. EstronHawkKing

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    On the Dallas Wings web site, they have Megan's birthday listed as January 1st, 1900.
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  4. Robowe

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    “To get a player of Megan Gustafson’s talent at No. 17 is a steal. You’re talking about a player who led Division I Women’s Basketball in scoring and field goal percentage this season,” Bibb said. “She has great hands, plays angles well and is a fierce competitor. I think she’s going to come into camp and show well. I am beyond thrilled that she was available for us at No. 17.”
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    Congratulations and well done Megan!!

    How much can she make in the WNBA?
  7. tksirius

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    She's not gonna be able to keep any of her SSI.
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  8. Tierney

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    She can make a lot more money if she goes overseas. I doubt she ends up in Dallas.
  9. CP87

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    Most do both, which is specifically why the WNBA season is placed in the summer (to allow that). It is also what makes things so difficult on many of these players: they have no offseason.
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    if u love your job its not work!
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    Thank you for the information. I didn't know that.
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    No state tax, like getting a raise on your first day.
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    I don't watch WNBA. Will she be able to compete at that level? I mean, don't they play a guard oriented game? I really have no idea.
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    Putting Megan on the block. Who would of thought that would work? About time!