STORY: Hawkeye Comeback Against Tennessee Falls Short

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. RobHowe

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    Volunteers knock out Iowa in NCAA Round of 32 (will add quotes later):

  2. ssckelley

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    I think I would have felt better had they lost by 20
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  3. NikeHawk21

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    Iowa needed to get the tip in OT... and they did except the ball went frickin out of bounds.

    Williams traveled on the play that led to the 3 in OT.

    Great battle by our Hawks and good to be back on the national stage after last year. Some reasons for optimism going forward.
  4. Bigtenchamp

    Bigtenchamp Well-Known Member

    Yeah that was a big no call... basically that shot was the ball game.
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  5. mopkins

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    Eh...glad they showed guts for once. It was about to be another gonzaga/Nova blowout
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  6. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    That no call on the travel drove me nuts
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  7. Fryowa

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    We did get the call on Bohannons foul that led to a sure theee points from Bohannons free throws, though.

    That’s what drives me nuts about people who think we’re the only team who ever gets screwed.

    If you look at it fairly, usually the misses and no calls are pretty even
  8. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    Each season is unique as is each individual tournament matchup. That wouldn’t have stopped people from the narrative that a second round blowout is out is our ceiling.

    I like some of what I see going forward.

    -Garza looked so good these last few days and his defense looked noticeably better. If he can continue that going forward it would be huge for us.

    -Wieskamp is a player and can bring so much on both ends.

    -We have one more year of JBo. Regardless of his “position” he’s a gamer and a kid you want on your team. Thinking he will have some senior year magic up his sleeve
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  9. Bigtenchamp

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    Officiating had little to do with this games outcome.. what "Drives me nuts" is people peddling this 3rd grade logic that "calls always even out" like they are Gandalf the wizard...

    Like calls even out over the course of a game? A season? A century? Since the dawn of time?
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  10. tksirius

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    Yes, officiating is usually pretty crappy, but it also usually evens itself out.
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  11. HawkeyezBull

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    Yeah such a garbage call not to mention the charge after charge they wouldn't call on Tenn. Refs sucked balls and calls went against Iowa 85% of the time.
  12. trj

    trj Well-Known Member

    JW needed to get the timeout at the end of regulation. I believe it was 73-71, Moss got the steal and missed 2 shots on the possession and Cook fumbled the ball away for an easy putback. JBo needed to hit that 3 when I believe Iowa was down by 4. It rattled in and out, but it had to be money.
  13. thedukeofearl

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  14. trj

    trj Well-Known Member

    Normally, I am with you on that thought process. We have seen so many Fran teams check out when they have bad first halves. Maybe this game and the Nati game are a sign that things are changing. Fran made the right adjustments in both games.
  15. dahlhawk

    dahlhawk Well-Known Member

    At work during the game can anyone tell me why Iowa didn’t get a timeout after the Tenn miss at the end of regulation?
  16. karras

    karras Well-Known Member


    Iowa 32 foul shots - made 24

    Hillbillies 23 foul shots - made 19
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  17. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Unless it's the 2006 Outback Bowl. We also got away with a hip check in the open court early the game and Bo came down and hit a wide open three right where the fallen Tennessee player would have otherwise been.
  18. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Joe didn't call it in time. Would have had maybe 2.5 had he called it right away. He had to wrestle it away from an offensive rebounder and that was a terrific play in it's own right.
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  19. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    The possession you mention was a killer. Of all the Cook discussion what concerns me the most is his hands. He's been fumbling the ball, getting it stripped, losing it on the way up for dunks, losing rebounds.

    He has never done any of this to this magnitude before and it should have nothing to do with his knee. It speaks to more of a confidence or concentration issue-or worse.
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  20. NikeHawk21

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    Cook’s hands have been very bad since he’s been here, that was nothing new. They only get worse the closer the game is and the bigger the moment.

    @PCHawk thoughts?