STORY: Hawkeye Legend Hayden Fry Passes Away at 90

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Dec 17, 2019.

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    Coach from Texas resurrected Iowa program.:

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    What a great man and leader.

    Wow, the stories and praise in that video are amazing and how I remember Hayden.
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    Literally days after Bump Elliott.

    Hopefully Lute and Dr. Tom are faring well, as they say it always happens in threes, but first and foremost a huge loss to two generations of hawk fans and condolences to the Fry family.
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    I was fortunate enough to know Hayden a little, my first two years covering Iowa football were his last two years as coach. I then interviewed him several times during his retirement for stories.

    I will always remember him as a master story teller. He loved to laugh at his own jokes and you couldn’t help but laugh with him.

    I’m smiling just thinking about it.
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    Did you change your avatar?
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    Sorry Rob,
    I didn’t see you post at the top of the threads and then priced it after I started my thread.
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    No worries. There's plenty of good content out there on Hayden. I recommend consuming it all.
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    every worm turns
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    I recommend reading Mike Hlas piece from his trip out to visit Hayden in Nevada four years ago.

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    Saw that the Gov of Iowa has ordered flags to be lowered to half mass for him... That would have to be unprecedented I bet. For a college football coach to have had that done is a pretty big deal
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    You posted the wrong link.
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    They should be lowered to half staff every time Kirk runs a stretch play to the short side of the field.
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    Watch Hayden congratulate the basketball team and Tom Davis on a big win (see below). Even gave some details on the Hokey Pokey. :)