STORY: Luka Garza's Rise to Stardom Shines Light on Iowa Basketball Program

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    HN's Rick Brown caught up with Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery to get his thoughts on all the post-season awards earned by junior center Luka Garza and how that impacts the program's profile:

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    nice article
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    Luka's emergence onto the national stage should, in theory, help open some doors in recruiting.
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    Certainly true if Luka returns and Iowa is nationally relevant all season. Both seem likely. Fran should certainly be knocking on some higher star doors, especially centers.
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    Win a conference title and that will really be huge in recruiting in all positions.
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    Obviously, there are more important things going on in the world, but the NCAA tournament and Garza being on that national stage would have been huge.
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    The entire Iowa basketball program at all levels owes Luka big time for the work he put in and the junior year he had.

    Many of us, including me, thought we would be a bottom feeder in the B1G.

    H even made our incoming recruits seem better than previously thought and that's quite an accomplishment.

    Hopefully Iowa basketball will take advantage of Luka's accomplishments and it will be a benefit going forward for years to come.
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