STORY: No Doubt Hawkeye Teammates Believe Luka Garza is POY

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Iowa players mix it up with Dayton fans on social media:

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    The video tweeted by ESPN announcing Obi’s pathetic AP POTY win showed him posterizing some 6’5” walk on looking kid from George Washington, a team that would’ve been 15th in the B1G if allowed to join. Give me a break.
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    What ticks me off is the argument many in our society make that there is only one true “winner” and all the rest are participation trophies or if you are not a winner, you are a loser. News Flash: The world is not black and white. If you are too dumb to understand nuances, you are way out of touch.
    Luka has won more major awards than any basketball player in the country this year. Maybe he has won more awards than any BB player in history? (No, I do not know that for sure, but would like to see the evidence.). Just Stop. Like most of us, maybe Luka doesn’t give a damn. He sure should not.
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    I don't know Rob. You stated that one could justify both for POY, but I can't justify someone that averaged 20 and 7 with a SOS of 102. If you're going to win POY in a non power 6 conference, fine, but do better than 20 and 7. He didn't even lead his crappy conference in scoring or rebounding. If someone put up monster numbers, I have no problem with it.
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    I didn’t write this piece. It was Rick Brown.
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    Ah, sorry. Read everything but that. Thanks for sharing!
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    Both players are amazing and fun to watch with a ton of talent. While I think Obi definitely benefitted from weaker competition, but I don't by any means think that makes his game inferior to Luka's or makes the argument that Luka is a better player because he played against better competition. Both are hands down two of the best players in the country and rightfully so.

    Do I think Luka was more deserving? Or should have got the award? Possibly. That said, Obi's a phenomenal player and I think Luka would agree to that. I guess my point is that whether Obi was or wasn't more deserving is more about the voters then the players themselves. I don't consider Obi any less of a player because he was voted (in this instance) the better player. I don't see Dayton fans as having any bragging rights, and I don't see us having any reason to bitch. Both are great players. One will go on to be one of the top picks in this years draft and the other will hopefully win the award next year, but both had incredible seasons.

    That said, hopefully those same Dayton fans throwing shade enjoyed their time in the spotlight, because their time in the spotlight is over.
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    Thomas Hearns once bragged that Marvin Hagler wasn't exciting enough, that Hagler would be ripe for a late knockout.

    He never came close to getting the chance to find out. Hagler came out agressive, turned Hearns' style against him, stood toe to toe with the most dangeous middleweight puncher of the time, and finished him in less than three rounds.