Syracuse; worst in 50 years

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by BigD, Dec 4, 2019.

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  3. BigD

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    No, it’s their conference making up excuses of why their team lost big time with home court advantage.
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  4. Hawkfnntn

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    Yeah they aren't too impressive to say the least. Felt like we should have smoked em by 30. If we were closer to full strength and just played a little bit better... CJF alone would have made a difference.
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  5. InGoodCo

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    It's a bad team, but any road win is worth it's weight in gold because good teams lose to bad teams on the road all the time.

    Just be prepared for a let down Friday night - we're playing the #4 team in the country....we have a better chance of getting blown out then winning. I am still gonna watch tho.
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  6. BigD

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    I would love to see an upset this Friday.
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  7. N8theGr8

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    The #4 team who just got smoked by the #1 team. Only put up 43 points. They're going to be hungry and it's in Ann Arbor. We'd best bring our A game or it's going to get ugly.
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  8. PCHawk

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    Michigan might be really good, or they might have got hot for one tournament. Hopefully the latter and we kick their ass.
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  10. Northside Hawk

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    As of right now I think we have a one game edge in this ACC/Big Ten challenge.

    Our win could end up being the one that makes the difference.
  11. smitharooney

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    Anyone ever seen that many white dudes on Syracuse before ?
  12. Northside Hawk

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    Remember Marty Headd, their bald guard from the early eighties?

    A bald player named Headd is like the beardless drummer in a band named Beard.

    Oh wait, we have that too!
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  13. HuckFinn

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    Dumbest Headline of the year. Way to go DD!
  14. IowaHawkeyeFB

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    Cuse could be one game over .500 and as long as their NET is over 60 they’d make the tournament. Just how it goes for them.
  15. 1977Hawkeye

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    Yeah, and get a 5 seed LOL.

    At least based on just seeing them the other night, it doesn't appear this Syracuse team has a whole lot of firepower. They aren't good right now. But it seems like Jim Boeheim teams always find a way to make the Sweet 16 regardless.. We'll see, but it could go down as a quality win by year's end.
  16. mopkins

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    No, but the Iowa vs Wisconsin game is going to be qwhite the throwback game
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  17. MWS604

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    Unique spelling of quite ... sorta kewl tho
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  18. Robowe

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    Reminds me of ...

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  19. thedukeofearl

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    Who could forget Marty Headd, didn't see that many bald headed college basketball players then, especially qwhite players.....


    Before the Hawks beat number 1 in the region, Syracuse they defeated number 4 North Carolina State with Hawkeye Whitney.....Damn


    Bittersweet tournament that year. The one name that stands out from that tournament:

    Roger Burkman

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  20. PCHawk

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    Syracuse rolled Georgia Tech by over 30 on the road. Creighton up about 30 on Nebraska too. Holy cow Nebraska sucks.