Team Problem OR Fran Problem?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by BGOLD, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. BGOLD

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    This years starting 5 were all members and contributors on the 2014 team collapse. During that span our record in close games has been abysmal, many of which were blown leads late in the 2nd half. As bad as 2014 was, this year has to be worse considering we were ranked 3rd and receiving #1 votes with the meat of our schedule behind us, just a few short weeks ago.
    Fran hasn't evolved from a coaching standpoint during that time; continually getting burned in a zone, not using timeouts to stop runs or make subs, and giving minutes to players who don't contribute while insisting we play 9-11 guys when we don't have the depth (Duke only plays 6 deep, and we're no Duke).
    During that time of late season collapses, no semblance of an offense and blown defensive assignments we've also had much of the same roster as we do now. So, is this senior laden team mentally weak and unable to handle the pressure or is this a Fran problem and we should expect to lose a lot more close games than we win?
  2. Mrke1

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    I'll be in the minority, but it's this group of seniors. Not one of them has the killer instinct. Fran drew up two great plays at the end to win/tie the game.
  3. NEIChawk

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    Who knows, a combination of both. The thing to remember is that teams have figured out our soft areas, adapted, made the necessary changes to beat us. They've become more physical, they are quicker, they are maybe a little better, but we are seasoned. The players themselves should be able to make adjustments while on the court or see something while on the bench. So, I have no idea why we fade away down the stretch. We have been in every game, had the lead in those, and just came up short. I like Fran, but I have to wonder how often he really digs down himself. His answer most times are we have 4 seniors that are good enough to win the game. We all know we can't afford a let down while other teams are getting hot, but that's where we're at. Take it to Michigan, get some mo going into the BTT, and see what happens....This is a long season, and luckily for us everyone is somewhat healthy, I mean, no ACL injuries, broken bones, etc...the only broken is Iowa's spirit perhaps....That can be corrected by winning again, and I think they will. Fran needs to become more aggressive and look like he's involved more, instead of folding his arms and standing around....jmo
  4. WindsorHawk

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    Clemmons missed 2 free throws late. Woodbury missed 2 free throws late. It's this group of seniors IMO. But I will always remember this group as the group that restored credibility to Iowa basketball.
  5. loesshillshawk

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    I think this is a problem that can be shared. Here is my take, the players are limited by the make-up of the team itself. We have a great floor general, who limits TO's, gets that ball where it needs to be, but he is not capable of simply creating a shot late in the shot clock like a Yogi Ferrell. We have Jok and Uthoff, 2 pure scorers. Jok can drive and really should do more of it. Uthoff is not a physical guy, he is more in the mold of a European type player. He shy's away from contact, he starts a drive, and as pointed out last night, he stops one dribble short of attacking the hole. We really have no power forward, an athletic, physical guy that you can count on for garbage points, rebounds, and just that physical presence. Our Center is the real deficit on this team. Adam has his attributes and I really pull for the guy. However, we have no post up game. We you have no inside presence it is easier to defend the perimeter. So teams are letting Woodbury come out and screen and roll....because Woodbury never rolls! This puts pressure on the perimeter which is being defended with one extra guy because there is no reason to guard the paint. Adam needs to stay in the lane, and let the guards work the pick and roll game. I think we would be shocked the changes we would see defensively.

    Now on to Fran and his staff. Fran is an emotional guy, I love it, however he needs to learn to control it. Izzo is a master at working officials, working his guys, but when it comes to in-game strategy he is always LOCKED IN. If Fran cannot do that he needs to have an assistant that is going to be his in-game manager...I do not feel he has that right now. He has his some shortcomings, but all in all I think he has done a nice job.
  6. damnfinn

    damnfinn Well-Known Member

    I believe loess hit the nail on the head, especially the inside game part
  7. Zamboni08

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    As others have said, I have been going back and forth during this rough stretch. But those last 2 plays of the game answered it clearly for me.
  8. kicker22

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    Just curious but why does it have to be a Team problem or a Fran problem. Fran coaches the players. The players play for Fran. IMHO it's one in the same. The teams problem is a Fran problem and Fran's problems are the teams problems. No point in trying to separate them.
  9. eveningnewsteam

    eveningnewsteam Well-Known Member

    I guess we'll find out a few years from now when these seniors are gone
  10. BGOLD

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    Under Fran Iowa is 9-22 in games decided by 5 points or less
  11. PCHawk

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    The reason I think it's a players problem is because there are so many mistakes going on at both ends of the floor. It doesn't matter what defense Fran calls, when it's crunch time, the defense breaks down. If the defense doesn't break down, the opponent drills some ridiculous shot. If they happen to miss, we forget to box out. If they box out, they muffins the rebound out of bounds.

    On offense, we get our share of good looks. You can make a good arguement that Fran could do things to help in that department. But our good looks we don't make. Then we also start having uncharacteristic unforced turnovers. It's like out of nowhere everyone has butter fingers and forgets how to make a pass.

    With all the easy plays left on the court by the players, it's hard to imagine that if Fran did a better job of coaching them into more easy makable plays, the players would somehow make them.

    To me, late game collapses and late season collapses when we're ranked high are the same problem caused by the same shortcomings. I can't get to where I believe a coach is good at coaching his players up to get in the top 10 but then doesn't know how to coach them up once they get there. Nothing has changed for the coach but a lot has changed for the players. They can't make plays when the pressure is on. It shows with the 2 late season collapses. And it shows with the countless late game collapses.

    Someone posted stats of the last 4 games and how few field goals we have scored at the end of games. What stuck out to me was how the few we did score was at the very end of the game when it was too late to win. That tells me that the players choke when the game is in doubt. But as soon as the game is decided, they can suddenly make plays again.

    Last night is a perfect example. No one makes a field goal for 4 minutes. 2 seniors go 1-4 from the line. Then finally the game is over and Clemmons drills a shot. The pressure was of because we weren't going to win. Then we get a turnover and actually have a chance. Clemmons gets a wide open 3 and air balls it. Same thing happened against Penn State. We can't score until it's over. Then we bury a couple 3's.

  12. WindsorHawk

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    We have not lost a Big 10 game when shooting at least 43% from 2 and at least 35% from 3. The only 2 teams we have beaten when shooting below these percentages are MN and NW. It's a team (shooting) problem IMO. Baer and Uhl need some open looks from 3.
  13. BGOLD

    BGOLD Well-Known Member

    Agree that we're not shooting nearly as good as we were previously. However playing someone who shoots 15% from 3PT (Ellingson) in conference games and sitting Jok and Uthoff for long stretches because of a bogus belief they can't play in the first half with 2 fouls, or until the last 10 minutes with 3 fouls is hindering that percentage. And that's a coaching thing.
    Heck, Jok was taken out of the game with 4 fouls and 3 minutes remaining and the same thing happened to MG with 2 minutes remaining.
  14. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    Sitting Uthoff isn't hurting the percentage. His shooting percentage from the field and 3 has been terrible for the last several games. I'm not saying he should or shouldn't be on the floor...Fran's call. But he's getting his points via volume not high shooting percentages. Uhl and Baer are the 2 highest percentage 3 point shooters on the team. Let's run a play or 2 for them each half to get an open look.
  15. BGOLD

    BGOLD Well-Known Member

    By no means does that make them the two best shooters on the team. Jok is first and isn't even close, followed by Uthoff. After that it's anyone's guess.
    Uthoff hasn't shot at a high percentage recently but if you look at the games in which he's been benched by Fran not only did it limit his minutes (he may as well have fouled out several times with 10-15 minutes remaining) but he was never able to get into rhythm following long stints on the bench.
  16. dlbrandt

    dlbrandt Well-Known Member

    I could believe in part teams figuring out Iowa. But no way they should have lost to PennState and I will even say Wisconsin at home. Something mental going on.
  17. heloteshawkeye

    heloteshawkeye Active Member

    Its a players game, Fran and staff can't make free throws for them, can't make shots for them, can't...NOT turn it over. There is nothing wrong w/ the plays and strategy. Players need to step up. Coaches can get too much credit when everything is good and they get way to much when things are not so well on the court.
  18. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    Coaches are a lot less involved in basketball than in football. As far as in game coaching goes.
  19. DJL

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    I still think at the end of the game when players are standing around watching MG dribble around the coach needs to do something. Or maybe that's Fran's direction and he thinks that's what we need? He is quick and can get to the basket. It just rarely seems to work.
  20. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    I wonder if Fran started screaming at them. I was too busy screaming at them to notice.