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    I can't sleep lately, s o put alot of time in this post.
    A small measure of good team defense is blocked shots. This means your players are in the right place at the right time on defense. We have outstanding height literally, AT EVERY POSITION on the court. Do we have a legit rim protector? Or are we co nssistenty out of position? If we are, why?
    Our leading shot blocker was our 6th man OFFTHEBENCH! What other team doesn't have a starter leading the taeam?

    During the "leanest" defensive games, Fran's "schemes" required our center to sprint out to the 3 pt. line to defend, most times far too late. This created alot of made 3's and/or easy lay-ups b/c there was NO-ONE IN THE LANE OR UNDER THE HOOP! These are rotations we need to ABANDON!! KEEP IT SIMPLE!
    I think we'd all agree, Iowa is one of the tallest teams IN THE NATION. So why didn't we finish in the top 5 in blocked shots? Top 10? 25? 50? Iowa finished #167 out of 353 Div. 1 teams.
    Bear with me, we finished behind such power-house teams as:
    Bethune Cookman, Tulane, Wagner, Youngstown St., Fla. A&M, Bucknell, Kent St. Santa Clara, Central Connecticut, Hampton, Fairleigh Dickenson, Colgate, Ark. Pine Bluff, Cornell, Cal Poly, Southern Utah, Alcorn St. San Francisco, Sacramento St. Alabama St., Rice, Austin Peay, Dartmouth, Seattle, Louisiana St., E. Carolina, The Citadel, Ball St., Eastern Illinois, Central Ark. Brown, Jackson St., Portland, Samford, Holy Cross, Georgia Southern, E. Tenn. St., UIC [Chicago], Portland St., Northern Kentucky, Howard, Missouri St., Niagra, Rhode Island, St. Francis, S. Illinois, Vermont, S. Alabama, Nicholls, Weber St., Morehead St., Sacred Heart, Fla. Gulf Coast, Furman, Jacksonville St., Stoney Brook, Layfaette, Ark. St., W.Illinois, Tenn. Tech, U.C.Irvine, American, Grambling, Yale, Norfolk St., Northwestern St., E. Mich., Cal.St. Northridge, Fla. Int'l, Old Dominion, Troy, St. Bonaventure, Purdue-Ft. Wayne, Marshall, Binghamton, Toledo, William & Mary, Georgia St., Duquesne, LIU Brooklin, W. Kentucky, Jacksonville, and St. Peters. This list excludes the real power teams in Div. 1 [Duke, Kentucky etc..]
    How could we finish behind ANY of these teams??
    The stats speak for themselves. Fran_ I hope you tweak you defensive rotation schemes for next year. In the proper position, 3 blocked 3's by the player in the proper position or even 3 missed 3's saves 9 points on defense every game. 3 blocked lay-up or altered shot misses on them saves 6 defensive points per game.
    How many games could we have benefited yielding 6-9 less points per game?
    Just sayin.
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    It could mean a lot of things including that. Athleticism. D to force them to shoot thecshot you want them to take.... some coaches prize closeout over contesting... cant do both well.
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    We don’t have any rim protection. Garza is a step and a half slow so he can’t get to the correct spot without fouling. Cook is just lazy and lacks basketball IQ. I mean seriously the guy is probably the best dunker in the conference and only has 15 blocks? That’s inexcusable.

    Now rim protection isn’t always about blocking shots. Woody was a good rim protector as he would move his feet get in position and maintain veritcality forcing the offensive player to alter their shot. That often led to blocks for the helping players (JU). Woody never had a lot of blocks but was a very good rim protector, which was part of the reason we had a top 35 adjusted D a few of those years compared to a sub 100 D now.

    Next year I’m hoping Nunge will provide a little bit of rim protection and shot blocking.
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    You don’t block three point shots very often. If you close out and are in good position the opponent isn’t going to shoot them. You start trying to block jump shots you’re going to foul more times than not. We already jump at way too many pump fakes.

    Our 3pt defense statistically still isn’t too bad, although lately it has been. We need that rim protection and shot blocking to alter some of the easy 2s we give up.
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    Iowa players sure have had a lot of their shots blocked these past few games.
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    Speaking of stats. Baer ended up shooting a worse free throw percentage than Tyler Cook. We only had two players who played quality minutes shoot above 40 percent at the 3 point line and JBo wasn’t one of them . Wieskamp and Moss the only ones to shoot above 40 from deep .
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    I am unsure if Iowa still holds that much height advantage. With Nunge and Pemsl sitting some height was lost.

    Nunge seems in the mold of what we need most from a shot blocker perhaps with better Defensive awareness from Garza the two of them will work well together. P. McCaffery may also be someone that can block shots.
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    Nunge had 25 blocks last year and that was with limited minutes, and many of his minutes being asked to guard perimeter players.

    25 blocks would be second on this years team, behind Baer at 33. My guess is if he were playing this year he’d likely be leading the team in blocks.
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    Speaking of blocked shots, it would be cool to know if that last Bohannon shot was going in.
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    Dr. Tom has been gone for about 20 years now. I don't know if Iowa still needs a shot blocker on the back end of the press.:)
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    not sure if you are clowning people or not, he got it on the upward trajectory so it is hard to tell. It is JBo so you give it the benefit of doubt that it had a decent chance of making it.
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    I was hoping the kid would foul JBo.

    And put him on the line for three.