Teams Currently ranked ahead of Iowa in the 2020 class

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by TulipCityHawk, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Butler, Utah, Houston, Va Tech ----- understandable as these programs have either been solid lately or are up and coming

    St. Mary's, VCU, San Diego State ----- somewhat frustrating

    Rhode Island, Fresno State, Murray State ----- shouldn't be ahead of us

    Kennesaw State, Harvard, UCF, South Alabama ------ embarrassing

    Weather may be a factor, but we have the Big 10 to sell and recent NCAA tourney berths. Hopefully landing Jabari (247 does not think this is going to happen) will help a bit. I know we are limited on schollies for the 2020 class, but....

    ***rival rankings look to the right hand side of the page
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    Did you hear that @tksirius? South Alabama is ranked ahead of us for 2020.

    Who wouldn't want to pass up the chance to play for such a dynamic wholesome Midwestern point guard.
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