Tell me I was watching what amounted to a scrimmage.

Discussion in 'Football' started by craig56, Sep 8, 2013.

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    After experiencing yesterdays game I came away feeling I watched a scrimmage. Hopefully that was the case or we are going to be in big trouble. The game plan looked like Ferentz wanted to work on the running game and get more experience for the OL before we head into the tougher games. To me they really showed nothing but the same boring offense with 2 receiver sets. The Ferentz philosphy hasn't changed other than a hurry up offense and all that will do is get the offense off the field quicker when we play tougher opponents. The offensive philosophy consists that we are going to run the ball and even if isn't that successful we are going to wear them down until it is and that works when you play people of lessor talent. The passing game is built off the running game. If they are running the ball well the passing game is better as well and when they are not running well the passing game is equally as bad. Obviously winning the game is the goal but I also go to the game to be entertained and if they continue this pattern of predictability attendance will continue to decline. If they continue this offensive philosophy I will stay home and DVR the game and watch it only if we win. In some ways it reminds me of Hayden's last two years where we where running on first down 90% of the time and threw the ball when we had no choice.
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    I just spoke with KirFer and GD; they said next weeks gameplan will be completely different so that you will be entertained. They went on to say that making sure YOU have a good time watching the Hawks win is the MOST important part if their job. They thank you in advance for considering another trip to Kinnick stadium, in the future.

    (Please read with heavy sarcasm)