Tell your friends, send out chain emails, get groups from work

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by GodGodGodBathia, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. GodGodGodBathia

    GodGodGodBathia Well-Known Member

    goal for each hawkeyenation member: convince 10 people or more to go to the home opener at Carver Hawkeye next year. we need it to be ROCKING. Do anything you can think of to get people there.
  2. BradBanks02

    BradBanks02 Well-Known Member

    Already did.
  3. busabus114

    busabus114 Well-Known Member

    If its a sellout Fran agreed to buy everyone ice cream cones. Im serious. Its posted on the DM Register right now in Keelers blog
  4. CAARHawk

    CAARHawk Banned

    Um, the coach could go get a top level late commit. That might help.

    If it is the current team, sans Fuller, it might be tough to convince people.

    Not that I won't support the team. It just might be a harder sell for others.
  5. hawkeye2188

    hawkeye2188 Well-Known Member

    Whats the cost of a opener ticket?
  6. iapunk

    iapunk Well-Known Member

    Jon should put this on the HawkeyeNation Facebook page so we can post it on there.
  7. HaydensDad

    HaydensDad Well-Known Member

    I'm in.
    Do you mean the exhibition or the actual home opener?
  8. BradBanks02

    BradBanks02 Well-Known Member

    The opener. It's $20.00 at least it was last year for the games I went to.
  9. iapunk

    iapunk Well-Known Member

    If it works with my work and shuttling kids around schedule, I will be there with my 9 year old. The Hawks are undefeated in football and basketball when he is in attendance!
  10. HaydensDad

    HaydensDad Well-Known Member

    Weeknight conference games were $20, Weekend conference games were $25.
    Non conference was much cheaper, I think $10-15.
  11. hawkeye2188

    hawkeye2188 Well-Known Member

    I'll be there
  12. DaDynasty

    DaDynasty Well-Known Member

    My brother, cousins and I will all definitely be there. In Fran we Trust!
  13. GhostofBTT

    GhostofBTT Banned

    I have a thing that night...
  14. BradBanks02

    BradBanks02 Well-Known Member

    You can just invite your friends from your knitting club there, I promise you and your club members will fit in.
  15. GhostofBTT

    GhostofBTT Banned

    It's scrap booking club Nancy, and if we were not going on a tour of Amish barns in the Amanas, we would be at the game, and put all of the rest of you to shame.
  16. wolfgang

    wolfgang Well-Known Member

    Love this idea! Absolutely love it. Let's get this started right. Is that a black eyed peas song?
  17. InNormwetrust

    InNormwetrust Well-Known Member

    Excuse me?
  18. iowahawkeyes89

    iowahawkeyes89 Well-Known Member

    I like this idea, but the home opener is probably going to be a tough sell vs a team like South Dakota technical school of medicine. (obviously I made that name up)

    Too bad we don't have the ACC challenge game at home. Maybe the UNI game would be better?
  19. GodGodGodBathia

    GodGodGodBathia Well-Known Member

    I guess it doesn't matter which game at the beginning of the season, but it'd be nice if it were a hostile environment for EVERY game, not just in state rivalries or big name matchups. Plus, we're probably going to win the first game which could get more and more people to come.
  20. ShadasRevenge

    ShadasRevenge Well-Known Member

    Iowa gets UNI and ISU at home, so they should get pretty decent crowds for both of those. UNI should bring a decent crowd, and ISU fans will probably show up despite knowing that their team is going to get throttled.