Thankful for Scott Frost

Discussion in 'Football' started by WinOneThisCentury, Dec 4, 2019.

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    Coming out of the Thanksgiving weekend I failed to acknowledge one of the things I'm most thankful for this college football season...Scott Frost. I realize after watching his press conferences this year...that the 4 and 5 win seasons just wouldn't be as gratifying had Nebraska chose a coach from outside the Nebraska family. The fact that they chose Frost is really priceless...the National Championship QB. Moses of Nebraska to lead them through mediocrity.

    It just wouldn't be as much fun watching the Nebraska meltdown...and subsequent excuses from the top. "We inherited a confidence problem from the previous staff" years in and he's still blaming the other staff for players not being confident. Scott, that's one of the things you have control over...motivating and preparing your guys...we would excuse you if you said you need to recruit more players that fit the system.

    Enjoy Christmas and New Year's at home Nebraska.
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    Win one, Nebraska fans can all hang this this year

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    Nice words for sure, but Keith Duncan expressed it better than anyone ever could:


    Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.*

    *Not too subtle reference to Nebraska's real team name.
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    I think the Nebraska situation is a lesson for all that would like to get rid of Kirk. Pelleni for all his faults had the last 9 win season at Nebraska. Now the Huskers are on their second coach and it's looking like another dumpster fire hire.

    The future is uncertain for Nebraska. They finished without a bowl game. The West division is getting stronger. Illinois isn't the worst team anymore. Northwestern finished last this year but most don't expect them to stay down. Purdue was beset with injuries but they are returning a lot of talent. Iowa could be in a rebuilding year in 2020, but they probably won't fall below the middle of the pack. Nebraska could end up on the bottom next year if they don't fix their problems. The big question is can they do it in one year with the coach they have? I wouldn't bet big money on it.
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    Nebraska is taking on water now. Check out their 2020 schedule and try to find six wins. You'll struggle to find them.

    Iowa just needs to keep plugging away. I think our talent level is rising, slowly.
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    I guarantee you someone takes a shot at Duncan at some time during next year's game. The blowing of kisses really, really pissed Frost off. I'll wager $20 right now he takes a hit after a field goal or if he is kicking off next year.
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    Coach Scott Kitchens
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    Holy shit that is great
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    That's going to FROST some people in fuskerville!
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    Just goes to show you that Scott Frost doesn’t have the ability to recognize talent if it came right up to him. His idea is to throw 500+ fishing lines in the water and see who bites! Problem is, only about 100 of those lines even have bait on the hook. Sure you get a couple of bigs ones, but you get a whole lot of little ones as well. Some he ends up having to throw back.
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    I literally laughed out loud at my Husker wife when that came on the air. It was not only a killer dig on Frost, but a shot at Martinez too.

    That all said, from Frost's perspective, Adrian Martinez looked to be the real deal and no one, I mean no one, thought Burrows was special until half way through last season.

    Think of it this way, if after his freshmen season, Garza entered the portal and wanted to go to Kansas, you think Self would have taken him? Probably not. But that does not make Self an idiot? Talent sometimes comes out of nowhere.
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    Uh yeah 911? I'd like to report a murder.
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    The fact Wingo did it multiple times.... I almost thought they wouldn't bring that up. Instead he just invicerated them on it. That was so good.
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    Look, I'm second to no one in hoping Frost turns out to be just the latest turd in the Husker bowl. But it wouldn't surprise me if in another couple years we're worrying about the upcoming meeting with Nebraska. Hope I'm wrong about that.
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    That said based on their recent history it wouldn't surprise me if in another couple years Frost brought his results up to the level of those before him and was shown the door because he couldn't get it done. Anyone know who their next golden boy will be? Any chance Maurice Washington has a future in coaching? Too soon?
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    Once it happens then I will... It's too bad he's all but wasted that QB Martinez they have. He was absolutely the 'perfect' qb for his system and what he wants to do. He can still salvage it yet but so far....
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    Not if we keep recruiting the way we have been. I hope we fucking pound Frost and crew every year until he leaves