Thanks men’s chokeyes. Missed a great wrestling match

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Scott Leclair, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Scott Leclair

    Scott Leclair Well-Known Member

    Typical Fran and the gang of misfit toys. The BTN should have known Iowa was going to piss down their legs again a find a way to not only piss off the basketball fans. But the wrestling fans as well.

    How in all that is Holy do you blow a 16 point lead to a crap team that has no bigs,have 7 players on the team,2 in which fouled out with 5 min left in game and had to get a fan from the stands to dress as their 8th player??
  2. The Big LeHAWKski

    The Big LeHAWKski Well-Known Member

    IOWA says 'Hold my beer...'
  3. ShockHawk22

    ShockHawk22 Well-Known Member

    Would you rather watch the basketball team choke away their game or Spencer Lee choke away his big ten title?