The Buyout...who's in?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by HawksMN, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. HawksMN

    HawksMN Well-Known Member

    If GB will donate half of the buyout, I think loyalists will foot the other half. My investments went up a bit last year, I'd be in. How about you?
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  2. NoBeer

    NoBeer Well-Known Member

    Gary Barta does not WANT to hire a new basketball coach. That would be actual work and risk on his part. He has structured the entirety of major sports programs to take the decision out of his hands.
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  3. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    WTF are you talking about?

    1) Barta is the one responsible for the buyout and kept it under wraps.

    2) Barta is in love with McCaffery and is on record as saying he’s the best person for the future of Hawkeye basketball.

    Are you drunk again?
  4. HawksMN

    HawksMN Well-Known Member

    Nope, but GB may have been
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  5. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    You still are.

    Barta on Fran McCaffery:

    Tell us again how Barta wants Fran gone?
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  6. SteveGarvey1

    SteveGarvey1 Well-Known Member

    I could pitch in by taking some cans in. We could start a "Can Fran" campaign. Get it?
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  7. tksirius

    tksirius HN's Love Doctor

    I was thinking about just egging Gary & Fran's houses, once a week until they find other schools to work for.
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  8. NEIChawk

    NEIChawk Well-Known Member

    Dude, I was just about to go there, beat me to it.....great minds think alike, and besides my f*cking garage wreaks of stale beer....
  9. Stanzi

    Stanzi Well-Known Member

    I think we need to go farther. They can just pay someone to clean up the egg. We should sneak into their houses and move the furniture around at night. They will think their houses are haunted and move far away.
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  10. seepig

    seepig Well-Known Member

    I’m in I’ll throw my hundred bucks in because that’s all Frans effort has been worth this year.
  11. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

    Needs to be the title for a gofundme campaign.
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  12. HaydenHawk56

    HaydenHawk56 Well-Known Member

    Someone should set-up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the buyout. Just having that page up and getting some media exposure would say something.
  13. HawkMD2007

    HawkMD2007 Well-Known Member

    If Barta is the one hiring the next coach, I will pass.
  14. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

  15. lightning1

    lightning1 Well-Known Member

    A GoFundMe page to buy out Gutless Gary's contract. That would be much better.
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