The Denial State Spartans are in big trouble

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by ChosenChildren, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. ChosenChildren

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    The pedophile Nassar was the team doctor at Michigan State. Hundreds of complaints about this sicko and Michigan State did nothing. Izzo, D'antonio and the rest of the creeps in that Michigan State athletic department will pay the price. Izzo had the audacity to defend the Michigan State President (the President resigned today after Nassar was sentenced to 175 years in prison).

    The posters on this board who are so busy bashing Fran need to pay attention to this Michigan State story. It is going to be bigger than the Penn State disaster with Sandusky.
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  2. PCHawk

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    So they will get like a year and a half probation or something then?
  3. CJHawkeye

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    Sadly I think nothing of consequence will happen. This guy was a nobody. Penn State was such a story because Joe clearly knew and then he died of a guilty conscience. I hope something major results from this but bet it won't.
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    Yes, I can see significant lawsuits against MSU due to this SOB's actions. Sounds like the numbers affected eclipse Sandusky's. No death penalty type reactions will occur, but hopefully, it will negatively affect their entire athletic department. There are few schools that have such major dirtballs leading their two major sports programs as Izzo and D'antonio.
  5. HawkGold

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    I see nothing linking him to BBall or Football. The President will be gone tomorrow. The lawmakers overwhelminglly pushed the Prez out. The judge and the victims have been all over this. There will be more indictmemts.
  6. CJHawkeye

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    President just resigned.
  7. HaydenHawk56

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    As sick as what happened there, it would be nice if we could take advantage of the situation.
  8. smitharooney

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    Death penalty for the gymnastics program?
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    They should be removed from the big 10 and receive the death penalty.
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    I can multi task and bash Fran and MSU at the same time.
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    Dumb comment by Izzo but most likely, nothing will happen to him or D'antonio. Nassar was abusing females and they don't coach females. Maybe they heard rumors about him and their reps could be tarnished a bit but nothing tangible is going to happen to them.

    It's not like Paterno where Sandusky was one of his assistants.

    More likely the AD is gonna get canned or resign if they haven't already.
  12. 1hawkeye1

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    Now that's sick. Hundreds had their lives shattered and that's what you think of?
  13. HawkGold

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    Though the same thing. Illinois tried to take advantage of PSU and that didn't work very well. Just not a very good angle.

    Curious of what posters would say if Iowa had a current scandal such as this? Having worked in both the private sector, but also at a Big University, I can pretty much say what happened there could happen at about any university or large business.
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    I hope that creepy Kirk Ferentz isn't doing anything like this!
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    My apologies......I did not mean for it to come off that way. I just hope if MSU did not nothing to stop it (like PSU) that they feel it in the courts and on the field.
  16. Robowe

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    According to the police reports, Michigan State first become aware of a sexual assault allegation against Nassar in May of 2014, when one of his female patients filed a Title IX complaint with the university.

    That complaint led to two investigations: a Title IX investigation from the Michigan State Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, and a criminal sexual conduct investigation from campus police. Nassar was suspended by the school during the Title IX investigation. However, he was allowed to return to work after it concluded and cleared him in July 2014, even though the police investigation was still ongoing.

    It should be noted that at least twelve assaults have been reported that occurred after 07/30/14. Many of the sexual assaults occurred in examination rooms at MSU Sports Medicine and involved the lack of a chaperone during sensitive procedures and un-gloved skin-to-skin contact.
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    It's a problem everywhere though. There will be more criminal charges. That judge was sending a message. It sort of explains Tom Izzo's comments. Maybe they weren't so accidental after all. Several of the victims including a 15 yo put MSU on notice that they'd better get used to court rooms.
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  20. mopkins

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    It would be kinda funny if fans all wore pink during michigan state road games this fall to show that other schools don't support and cover-up the abuse of female students.
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