The email that almost got Dolphin fired

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    Dochterman posted this on his Twitter account, looks like after Fran read this email, it pushed him and Barta to go back and listen to Dolphins "King Kong" comments after the Maryland game. Just some random fan's email started that whole situation.
  2. PCHawk

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    That reads like someone created a fake email to make fun of the intelligence of the person who wrote the actual email. The part that says "I'm white" is my favorite.
  3. ArvadaHawk

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    which is why i held my position that this was such b.s. implicit racism or whatever the hell it was called my *ss. uncomfortable? just think. all you folks still working now need to be sure you don't say anything that makes someone you don't know or are even aware exists...uncomfortable. be very careful if someone asks you what color a tractor tire is. be very careful.
  4. PCHawk

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    I'm sure there were some random black people who are uptight enough to be offended by the comment, but they were offended because they are uptight, not because they're black. I would guess 99% of black people would need to have someone else point out the monkey analogy before they even noticed.
  5. phdsvp

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    It reads like it was written by one of Fran's relatives.
  6. PCHawk

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    Who cant spell Connor's name?
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    It is always interesting to hear white people (I assume you are white, by how your post reads, so correct me if I am wrong) speak for how all black people think. It would be interesting to know how many black people you see and interact with on a daily basis. Where do you live? In a small town in Iowa with maybe no blacks that reside there, like the town in Iowa I grew up in?

    Did you forget that the father of the black recruit from SE Iowa, Xavier Foster, expressed his concern over Dolph's comments? Is he that random black person to which you refer? Do you think he was alone in his thoughts on the matter? He didn't try to get Dolph fired when he expressed his thoughts on the matter. He was actually trying to thoughtfully educate people through dialogue. You would have heard that had you actually been listening. But instead of listening to a different perspective, you probably had already erected your walls to keep anyone from saying something that might make sense and change your mind.

    A lot of people like to say that words matter; that what people say matters. But what they really mean is that it only matters when it is important to me or people that think like me. If it matters to less than 30% of the people, and I am in the other 70%, then it doesn't REALLY matter. And I will let them know why their feelings are incorrect by "educating" them on what was REALLY said and what it REALLY meant.

    That is what I hear YOU saying. But I am sure you can "educate" me on why what I am hearing is incorrect. And I have indeed, stepped into the fray. So go ahead, if you want. I don't really have anything else to say. But I am sure others will after reading my comments.
  8. PCHawk

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    I am from small town iowa, but I have gone 40 years of my life without ever hearing that King Kong is offensive to black people one single time. You know how hard it is to have something be offensive in this day and age without hearing about it? People use that analogy is sports frequently. Way to frequently for it to dodge all those PC bullets for all these years.

    I've never met Foster's dad, but I would bet a thousand bucks that he never made the connection before someone else made it for him. I'm not throwing a guarantee on it, but I know a good bet when i see one.

    If black people in any significant number (I say significant because you can always find someone who thinks something's offensive) really thought King Kong was offensive, there is no way in hell it wouldn't have come out before Gary Dolphin from Iowa City, Iowa said it on the radio in 2019. King Kong has been around for a long time. Black people have been speaking up about what they find offensive for a long time (and that's a very good thing). But I'm supposed to believe when sports guys say King Kong, its bothered people for all these years and everyone let it go? I just can't get there on that one.
  9. Robowe

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    This is not new. This was in 2008.


    John Hoberman, a University of Texas professor who has written on race and sport, claimed the cover "was an obvious and egregious exploitation of an old racist theme - the potential violation of a white woman by a physically overpowering black man, or King Kong".

    This is from 2017.

    Coleman says you can draw a direct line from "The Birth Of A Nation," that defining 1915 film about the black male threat to white woman - and coincidentally the movie that helped resurrect the Ku Klux Klan - and "King Kong" in 1933. "King Kong" premiered at a time when black men were regularly depicted as ape-like. It was during the beginning of the Great Migration when thousands and thousands of black people were leaving the South to move to the nation's biggest cities.
  10. PCHawk

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    Hey take what I say with a grain of salt. I'm a guy who just found out the saying "falling on deaf ears" and the term "hearing impaired " are offensive. I can't help but notice how threatened Gisele looks in that pic.
  11. Robowe

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    How about baseball changing the disabled list to the injured list this year? :)
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    Was just telling my kids about the cartoon "Fat Albert" and how that could never be on the air now. Not just the Albert character but a couple of other ones that weren't great stereotypes about African-Americans.

    Not to mention calling Albert "fat" now would offend people.
  13. RobHowe

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    And the creator of the show would be developing it from behind bars.
  14. PCHawk

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    Hadn't heard that one yet.
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    What happened to P.U.P.? Physically Unable to Perform.

    Sounds like the beginning of a cialis commercial
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    If you ever get on a game show entitled, "How Racially Ignorant Are You?" ...I just want you to are going to clean up.
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    [​IMG]If that dog were a black woman like Naomi Campbell, the PC Police would be screaming.
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    As good as the dude from Jeopardy? At least I didnt compare a black women to a dog like that insensitive jerk above me.
  20. EstronHawkKing

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    You misunderstood what I was saying, or you just aren't smart enough to understand. Not comparing Naomi Campbell to a dog, she is actually a very attractive woman. How ironic you have "PC" in your username, Jerk-Off!
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