The email that almost got Dolphin fired

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  1. Adam

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    I'm sorry but now you are the one soaking up a narrative.

    Islam rejects every aspect of Christianity. It rejects the "Father" teachings. It rejects the "Holy Trinity". It rejects the notion that Jesus is one with God. The Tawhid dictates that Allah is 1 God. Nothing is a division of or equal to Allah.

    Islam does however try to subvert Christianity and Judaism by the acceptance of Old Testament God as Allah, but rejecting Jesus. Accepting Moses as a prophet, but not as special as Muhammad the "Seal of the prophets" or the last prophet.

    Frankly the Quran teaches that Jesus worshipers are hell bound. This is going to be fundamentally hard to reconcile with emerging minority populations. Latinos are largely Christian or Catholic. The majority of American citizens are Christian or Catholic. How you integrate a religious people that rebuke the religious majority is for much greater minds than my own.

    Not to mention the Quran gives some choice passages about killing infidels and non believers. These passages lend themselves well to extremist rhetoric. I don't think the cohabitation of the 2 religions will ever be smooth.
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    One way to integrate all religions is to admit upfront the obvious truth: That all religions are full of ridiculous superstitions and self-contradicting precepts and should never, ever, EVER serve as the basis for secular governmental policy. I feel like I'm on solid constitutional ground here, what with the framers of the constitution totally agreeing with me.

    Pro tip: If anyone ever tells you that god has told them to do something, take a cue from Pink Floyd and Run. Like. Hell.
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    Its nice you think all religions are full of ridiculous superstitions and self-contradicting precepts. Who would want to integrate a religion of death-the muslim religion, with the Word of Life, the Bible. Christian churches are not the same think as the Biblical Word of God. The constitution was founded on the Biblical Word of God. If someone tells you the Word of God is a ridiculous superstitious and self-contradicting book you should turn away from the person and go toward the light. People either want life or death, and God lets them choose.
  4. Adam

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    I hate to break this to you, but people that voted for Trump are neither suprised or off put by his actions because they voted for the disruption. You don't vote for a comb over cowboy and think he's the straightest shooter in the west.

    Let's all face it. America loves the drama. We consume these feuds with an insatiable appetite and at a feverish pace. America has been at the pinnacle of civilization for 5 generations. America has become what all great civilizations become. Corrupt and crumbling. I'm not sure when the downward spiral started exactly, but I know that we are in it. No matter who you give the wheel of this thing to it's going to keep running over pedestrians of one sort or another.
  5. HawkGold

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    Rhetoric. Some are not surprised.

    What are we crmbling from? Civil War? Slavery? Racism? Medical coverage? Watergate? Teapot Dome?
    Military segregation? Vietnam? Sexual revolution? Women treated like sex objects?
    Leaded gas?

    The 1% share goes up and down sepending on tax rates to the 1%. When the tax rate goes up on the the percentage wealth decreases but you despise that.

    What are we crumbling from? Our military is the most dominant it has ever been.

    Rich corruption is going to jail Aunt Becky like never before. Aside from gang on gang violence crime rates are astonishingly low per history.
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    The framers of the Constitution saw a place for religion in society because they knew how corrupt people can be. It's in their writings. George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention and, after being chosen to be the first president led our nation, including congressional members, in a prayer.

    What's superstitious is to think that somehow inanimate matter spontaneously morphed into animate matter and life was formed, a position that all atheists would have to take. Yeah, I'm still waiting for the explanation on that one.
  7. PCHawk

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    If you use a higher power to explain how life was formed, how do you explain how the higher power was formed?
  8. Adam

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    You don't explain higher power. It explains to you. That's all that Science is. The slow and methodical understanding of each amazing layer of intelligent design. Anything related to creation is a theory. Nothing about it is known. Place your faith in random events or a father in heaven. It's all still a faith.
  9. Adam

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    Per the 2017 infrastructure report card from the Army Corps of Engineers.

    Schools: D+
    Roads: D
    Drinking water: D
    Energy: D+
    Transit: D-
    Levees: D
    Aviation: D
    Bridges: C+
    Dams: D
    Ports: C+
    22 Trillion dollars in debt.
    Failing national birth rates.
    Tumbling national literacy rates.

    These aren't rhetoric. They are stats.

    P.S. this is rhetoric:

    Our money is fake. Our economy is fake. Our Democracy is fake. America is crumbling by the very definition. By all means though more feel good socialist policies will help. More welfare. More free food. More free healthcare. More policies to benefit the individual. Let's not worry about leaving anything for future generations. As long as none of us have to work hard or sacrifice.
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    If you can't watch Fox News (Hannity, Ingrahm, Carlson) and realize that's state TV there is something wrong with you. You need to watch more than Fox to get other perspectives. There is no doubt there is a liberal bias in the mainstream much that is, well, is up for debate. The point is that third party fact checkers rate these Media outlets and you can see for yourself where they are on the spectrum. There are two presidents in recent times who have labeled the media, "the enemy of the people"...Nixon and Trump. What Trump is doing is obvious...Matt Whitaker, William Barr, etc...were hired to do his bidding....and shuck aside the norms of the Attorney General that have stood for years. This whole narrative about "spying" on the Trump campaign is to discredit the Mueller report. Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican who had an impeccable reputation among both political circles, until Trump. Why?
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  11. ThunderHawk

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    You're confusing don't know with can't know. Regardless, as Neil Degrasse Tyson says, the universe doesn't care if you don't understand it.

    As far as the framers are concerned, they also knew how corrupt religion could be, which is why the only times religion is addressed in the constitution is in Amendment 1, the where the state is prohibited from establishing a religion or preventing the free exercise thereof (therefore empowering minority religions against domination by the majority ones, thus neutering the Christianists) and secondly in Article VI clause 3, which prohibits a religious test for holding office.

    Sorry brah. This is not, at least constitutionally speaking, a "Christian nation." The framers had ample opportunity to plug Jesus and Yahweh in the text of the constitution, but they didn't make the cut. Not surprising considering that these men were products of the Enlightenment.

    As for those who argue that Islam is a religion of death, sure, it may be. But don't get too high on your horse, because the God of the Old Testament is pretty much the baddest ass mass murderer in history, and the text is full of commands to The Chosen Folk to engage in highly violent forms of retribution for some pretty minor infractions.

    Including, ironically, killing fetuses as a form of punishment. Womp womp.
  12. Tierney

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    The world would be a much better place if man had a fear of God. Anyway, God will correct all the crap in His time.
  13. HawkGold

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    Infrastructure has always been an issue.

    Aviation travel safer than ever...except Trump saying super max is safe.

    Kids today are so much more advaced.

    YOU want to BLAME welfare. You are a frog in boiling water.

    Look at the real issues.

    Corporate welfare. Endless wars fighting for our freedom and business profits.

    Look at what we spend on welfare to corporate welfare and the military.

    Its dumb assholes like you that completely ignore the options trading fiasco where corporate leaders bet against their companies while lying to everyday people about company profits and shifted over 10 percent of the wealth from retirements to the 1% insiders.

    We had bad econ news and stocks went up as the insiders knew that a rate decrease was coming.

    I knew where you were going and you are buying into the poison that will harm you and help someone richer. Its not a level playing field.

    You want to bitch about Bama and KU and want to brlieve privilege does hapoen in real life.

    Birthrates are falling due to costs. Ya go ahead and swear by your insurance that over half cant afford as the are so lazy in your micro mind while corporate insurance profuts skyrocket.

    Muslims and poor blacks. Cause of all life s ills.

    The Rich 1 percenters...yup got our backs.

    I knew where you were going micromind.
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  14. SteveGarvey1

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    If God created the universe, then he couldn't have been part of the universe, subject to limitations of space and time. Therefore, God has always been, and it wasn't required that he was formed.
  15. PCHawk

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    If there is a God up there who cares enough to do something about all the crap that's gone on over the last couple thousand years, he would have done something by now. There may be a possibility that we will be judged for our time on earth after we die (pretty lame theory) but no way God is going to come intervene on some random generation after hundreds of generations got away with whatever they wanted.
  16. SteveGarvey1

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    Since reference to God was aplenty in the Declaration of Independence, referring to Him in the Constitution wasn't necessary, though, as you mentioned, Freedom of Religion is mentioned in the First Amendment. As Jefferson's letter to the Baptists attests though, the need for separation of church and state wasn't created to protect government from religion but the other way around.

    Admittedly, I'm not sure why God asked Moses to destroy the Canaanites and such but perhaps it was because they would have wiped out the Hebrew people. God reserves the right to begin and end life.
  17. PCHawk

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    I love how your second sentence reads. Trying to get one point across, and dis Trump and the same time. Just throw the word "except" in there and everything's fine.
  18. EstronHawkKing

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    "Free Will"

    So I read that some Dems in Congress (the Socialist ones) said they want to tax the rich like 70%. They did point out NFL players and that they would not be targeted, but the NFL owners would be. So if the owners get taxed 70%, how in the world would they be able to actually pay the NFL players and other staff members their huge salaries. You think the NFL would crumble under this.
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    I think you would do good to read the Bible instead of relying on what you think. God only chastises those that He loves. The book of Revelation and other parts of the Bible talk about His second coming. God gives man free will and man has the option of either turning to HIm and repenting through Jesus Christ or facing God without the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for them. It pleased God the Jesus Christ was crucified for the world. How do you think God will treat men that reject Jesus Christ. If you turn to Jesus Christ He will save you, and if you follow after Him you will receive the power of His resurrection for your life. God is love and He doesn't love all the crap the world puts out.
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  20. Adam

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    Very simple theological answer to that. It's called free will. The texts say God stopped interfering in the lives of man.