The email that almost got Dolphin fired

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    Since you sort of asked, I am neither democrat or republican. I am as follows: protect social security and Medicare. Address the global warming catastrophe. Protect the rights of women, including her right to choose whether or not to give birth. Provide single payer health care for all Americans. Keep your religious views out of politics. Fund public education, special programming for the disabled, make college affordable, if not free. Stop excessive tax breaks to the very wealthy. Stop excessive tax breaks for corporations and stop calling them “people.” Set term limits on politicians. Control lobbyists’ influence.

    There you go...
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    You forgot one thing. "Allow open containers of alcohol around Kinnick Stadium."
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    Of course we have issues. I was pointing out where he was really going. It s all about blacks and Muslims being the issue.

    Glad you got sone entertainmrnt.

    I give you and Adam credit. You dont have multiple personalities....aka names on here.
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    There are so many misguided statements in this post that addressing them all is too daunting of a task.

    So I will just address a couple of key points.

    "Endless wars fighting for our freedom and business profits."

    First, What? WW1 and WW2 were for American businesses profits? Vietnam and Korea were for business profits? I will give you the Iraqi wars as there is plenty of suggestive evidence to support that these wars were not as just as the others.

    So what is your proposal? That America stops funding our military? That we stop fighting for freedom across the globe? We have no enemies right. Everyone loves America. Disband the military surely nobody would invade us.

    "Muslims and poor blacks. Cause of all life s ills."

    Second, isn't it racist to infer that if someone talks negatively about Welfare but says absolutely nothing about race that they must be talking about black people?

    Here are a couple realities for you. Welfare is not a racial thing. When it was started and still to this day Welfare programs have always been a majority of White recipients. That will change in the future with evolving demographics, but it hasn't changed yet in 80 years. Welfare saved lots of people from 1935 to 1950, but that's about the extent that it should have ever been able to exist. Welfare does not help people escape poverty. Guess what nothing does. Welfare is bad for a society this large in general. No matter what race no matter what nation. There do appear to be realistic examples of it working better in smaller populations though.

    "Its dumb assholes like you that completely ignore the options trading fiasco where corporate leaders bet against their companies while lying to everyday people about company profits and shifted over 10 percent of the wealth from retirements to the 1% insiders."

    Third, I don't ignore anything like you claim. I also don't condone deceptive and corrupt business dealings, but people are corrupt. How do you stop this sort of behavior? Pass laws? Saying what? These details don't come to light in live time. They are benefits of hindsight. You can and should hold individuals and corporations accountable for financial crimes. Neither political party seems very keen on this idea though. Do you think it would be less corrupt if the government ran everything?

    Fourth, and most major. No person on earth should be forced to financially support someone who they did not choose to help. Our taxes were meant to fund government duties that all citizens should receive value from. Welfare stands in direct opposition of this.

    Fifth, you sound like you support the hefty taxing of people with money to support the endless droves of those without it. How exactly do you see this playing out? You think rich people are going to allow you to seize half of their yearly earnings? You must be on drugs. They were already moving companies overseas and hiding their money under 20's and 30's % tax rates. How in the world could you believe they will stay for the government to rob them. If they hide more money or just outright leave who will you tax then to pay for the 300 million poor Americans? They certainly can't be expected to take care of themselves.

    You see the Government and American citizens already live off of the rich people. Without their taxes none of our socialist policies are sustainable as they are. There is no logic to your argument. Rich people being bad or corrupt doesn't give you or the government the right to steal from all rich people. Jeff Bezos probably never deserved a dime that he earned right? Amazon is just an example of white privilege. Jeff Bezos should be stripped of his accumulated wealth because there are still poor people. At the same time if Jeff has the audacity to cry foul at this social movement he should be dragged through the streets and beheaded in the town square. Your perspective isn't original. It is the same perspective that the majority of have not's throughout history have shared. Steal from the rich and give to the poor. Yet as the have not's become rich they always inevitably change their perspective. Amazing how that works.

    Look if a rich person commits an actual crime then I can support asset seizure. Until that particular circumstance is met it is fundamentally unfair to expect them to foster the worlds indigent.

    Keep in mind that I say all this even though financially I fall into the indigent group. Even under Kamala Harris's new tax reform proposal I would qualify for the maximum 6k a year from the government. Guess what. I don't want it and I don't support it, because I know that my children and their children will suffer from the reckless selfishness.

    Lastly...Good ole Corporate welfare. Ahhhhhh the old money grab. This is yet another problem that no elected official has ever really cared about. As a matter of fact this is the go to 401k for politicians. This isn't Republican or Democrat. This is a human problem. Warren Buffett sits on 1 side racking in a cool Billion each year from subsidies while the Kock brothers sit on the other side stacking a substantial 800 million a year. I guess it's ok because it is at least fair between them. This isn't free market. This is part of the fake economy that I stated originally.

    We don't disagree that things are not fair. We don't disagree that regular American citizens are constantly fleeced and fucked over by governmental cronyism. We apparently disagree that Democrats give 2 fucks about it and that they mean to help. For the record the GOP could give 2 shits as well. Hence why someone would be inclined to vote for a maverick in hopes to break common pathways of corruption. Alas even this is a failed venture.

    Here is the simple point where we will never see eye to eye on though. Your bleeding heart mentality that we must provide all essential elements for middle class life to all American citizens. Which quickly turns into however many immigrants that we can pack into our borders and grant citizenship rights to as fast as humanly possible. Mmmmmhhmmm....sounds great. If not for human do gooders and governments what else would stop someone from dying of starvation in the streets? Nothing is the answer. That is the harsh reality. There is no fairness in nature. We can try to simulate it as much as our good hearts and flawed brains can conceive, but every action we take to create fairness where it never existed just opens the doors to unforeseen and frankly worse natural consequences.
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    You can say your not a Democrat but boy you sure could have fooled me.
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    I measure my political views on policy I support. If you want to assign me to a party that is certainly your call. The policy list is what I, as an individual, firmly believe in. So, I debate policy, not party.
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    I respect the free thinking aspect. I applaud using your own mind. I do have to say though that I do find it suprising that free thinking would lead you to almost wholesale support of a liberal platform. More power to you.
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    You are right. Overly simple. You mean the texts about the birds.
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    I honestly don't know what to think about abortion, and I've thought about it a lot lately. One thing I think for sure is "a womans right to choose" is a horrible argument. Under most circumstances, a woman choosing what to do with her body should be priority. I don't think murdering babies trumps a woman's right to decide what to do with her body.
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    Maybe I mistook what he meant when he said "God will correct all the crap in his time". I thought he was talking rapture crap. Some people actually believe that stuff.
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    Kind of funny the number of Christ followers on here. Pretty gard to tell if you didnt spell it out. Christ follower Sunday. Hawkeye Jerk rest of week and in talking about Muslims and wefare blacks. Got it. Oh and about Moss.
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    "The Bible is written by people. People like to make shit up" - Joe Rogan.
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    Jesus would smash it.
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    I don't see your point. Our faith in God or our faith in his only begotten son hardly makes us better people. That is the highest goal and one that 99% never achieve. Good thing we have faith that God predicted our failure to ascend and sent us a savior.
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    Then act like it.
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    Well Jesus never would have conceived such an idea, but fundamentally yes. "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."

    What is welfare teachin cretin? Anyone learning how to fish on Government hand outs?
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    You are still a boiling frog.

    So many propaganda points you make.

    Just a couple of comments.

    Ww1....dumbest war ever about business profits.

    Ww2....Chamberlain had fascist racist sympathies.

    The bomb was not about Japan.

    Ask any ww2 vet about the use of our military the past 25 years.

    D day...war was about over by then in Europe.
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    Oh my. You are full on brainwashed. Good luck with that revisionist history.
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    Clueless. Tell that to Jesus on Resurrect ion Day. I was a good conservative.