The email that almost got Dolphin fired

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    Im a published ww2 author of a best seller from the worlds largest military press. Ya Im a revisionist. You have a wrong combo of Christian nationalism..
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    Which was first. Recapture of Kyiv or DDay. One was 7 months earlier . You have any idea the distance or significance . For the Ardennes how much of the German was machine was in each front? How much did the Germans pull out of the east which almost completely over run US forces?

    If you d educate yourself you d be shocked.
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    But shouldn't the government protect those who are most vulnerable? Like unprotected, unborn children?

    It is a felony to destroy the eggs of a bald eagle?

    Shouldn't the rights of men also be protected?

    Charter schools give wonderful opportunities to underprivileged children because they demand teacher proficiency. I assume you are in favor of them.

    Who called global warming a catastrophe? Evidence?

    Should college be free for all? What if they stay in college for like, 20 years, like Bernie? Should it be free for all students? All degrees?

    Should we give free health care to cigarette chain smokers, those who eat like pigs and ruin their health?

    Doesn't every politician and voter have religious views that direct how they believe, live, and vote?

    Why is polygamy illegal and same sex marriage legal? I assume you are in favor or polygamy then?
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    The US was very concerned about the speed and tenacity of Soviet advances in China and North Japani slands. The US had little hope in stopping a Soviet advance in Europe at least until they reached the low countries and France.

    The bomb was a warning to the Soviets.
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    I could buy it that the US recognized that a warning to the Soviets was an added bonus, but no way was it the primary reason. Do you think when they were all sitting in a room debating on whether to do it or not, it was all based on Russia? Do you think halfway through the debate someone finally mentioned it would save thousands of US lives too? And maybe that was the added bonus to warning the Russians? What's the point of warning them when we could just drop one on them when the time came?
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    Here you go again Bernie Sanders. The Communist Russian love runs deep in your veins. You have it so bad that you literally speak as if you were raised in Moscow.

    Ya the Russians certainly were going to beat Germany. They only lost 7 million soldiers defending against 1 of 3 German invasion fronts. Stalin wasn't whining every day for 2 years about the delay of US and UK invasion of the western front. Meanwhile the US also didn't send 11 billion of aid and essential military equipment to Russia with the Lend-lease act did it?

    Russia was not the hero. Mr Historian, please enlighten the class on why exactly Russia signed a non aggression in the first place. Did Russia have any moral objection to the holocaust? Nope. They just wanted to grab as much land as they could. Once they were smacked around a bit they were ready to let Germany do what ever it damn well pleased. Then Hitler sucker punch invaded Russia. Stalin was so confident that he and Hitler saw eye to eye that they were caught completely off guard. What choice did they have left at that time? Of course they had to fight. Maybe if they hadn't started WW1 they could have lived in Peace with the 3rd Riech. As Stalin intended.
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    It's too dumb of an argument bro. The guy has to be a Russian. Only a Russian could find a perspective that has Roosevelt sending billions to Russia in aid and calling them Allies meanwhile dropping the worst weapon in human history on Japan just to send a message to the allies that we just sent money to.
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    Japan militarily was done. Read the reports. Americabs have a hard time with accepting an attack on civilian targets. So the story is changed.
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    Wrong on so many fronts. Stalin complained loudly of the lack of US opening the front earlier. I know all about Operation Frantic and Stalins ways. I ve interviewed civilian peasant alive at the time. The war in the west rarely approached the brutality of the east .

    I have traveled extensively in the former USSR. I know all about holodymer. I know about what Stalin did to Ukraine.

    You need to stop viewing the world in absolutes to ease your conscious. The real stories are always better. Stakin was not caught off guard. He used an old Russian tactic. The sucker punch is for those wanting simple is rarely simple.
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    Several decades ago home school Christians tried to blame dyslexia on a Stalin plan for whole language reading. It was insane. The Soviets, evil as they were in control prized a well literate society. The soviet system was horrible, but there were some things they did well. But you cant get past narrow mindedness to look at it. Again it was a horrible system overall.
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    The only thing we agree on. Russia is very cultured and learned. They are nowhere near stupid. They do however see the world and it's events in a very different light. If you see the world as they do all I can say is that I am sorry. The Propaganda Kings have won you over.
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    What reports? There are actual reports that aren't classified that admits we only bombed the shit out of Japan to send a message to Russia? Are they right next to the reports I can read that say who killed JFK?
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    So now you think Adam is a Sith?
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    Ha ha.
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    Do you drink before bed?
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    Love this thread man.

    Started out about an email about alleged racist comments by Dolph.

    Went into debating what is racism and isn't.

    Traveled into the existence of God or not.

    Now debating World War II, the Soviet contribution to victory over the Nazis, hidden agendas.
    BTW, the Soviets took on 80% of the Nazi war machine, maybe more. The D-Day invasion was as much about being there to protect Western Europe from the Soviets as it was defeating the Nazis. The Allies actually didn't want Hitler to be assassinated because he was screwing up so badly that it was better he remained intact as leader to be able to finish them off. Japan surrendered more because the Soviet Union declared war on them at the end there than because of the atomic bomb (a violation of a non-aggression pact the Soviets and Japanese had signed a few years earlier, making Stalin as much of a hypocrite as Hitler was when he violated the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1941).

    Looking forward to what's next. The meaning of the Star Wars movies?
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    Clearly Gold doesn't watch Star Wars since he didn't understand the Sith post. I used to think those movies didn't have a hidden agenda, but I recently read some reports and now I know they were also only made as a warning to Russia to not attempt to make any space movies. It worked too because they never did.

    Disclaimer - I never fact checked that.
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    If I could just find a laugh emoji, I would use it to respond to your absolute nonsense.
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    Well we can agree that undoubtedly Russia took the brunt of Germany's total war effort. I do strongly contest the stated percentages though. During The Nazi invasion of Russia they currently held 7 nations under full occupation. They also had a sizable ground force and armored force in Africa. Clearly there is no way that they could have mustered 80% of their military. The Luftwaffe was also largely unused in Germany's assault on Russia. Mostly because the Luftwaffe was needed still on the western front for bombing runs on Britain and the defense of the Allied Combined Bomber offensive. Russia did however face down the largest wartime assembly of the Wehrmacht. It cost them more than double the military casualties to do so, but impressive none the less.

    Many military strategists argue over how Russia would have fared against the full and undivided might of Germany. While noone knows for sure, it was and is largely the opinion of the Allied commanders that Russia could not match Germany by Navy or by Airforce. This likely means that Russia would have eventually suffered total defeat without Allied aid and forcing Germany to defend multiple fronts. Of course Russia does not accept this perception. They believe they were every bit of Germany's military equal, but I find that hard to reconcile with the fact that they suffered such staggering human casualties in simply defending their own soil.

    I am still grateful for the human sacrifice that Russia had to pay to stop Germany, however that doesn't all of a sudden make Russia the good guys. They started WW1 by attacking Germany. They condoned the expansion of Nazi Germany. They only had to change to oppose Germany because Hitler went crazy and invaded them. Everything they did beyond that point was neither altruistic or honorary. It was simply war and survival.
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    Logic, reason, critical thinking are must be a left wing mob follower. Well done!