The email that almost got Dolphin fired

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    No Im probably a more involved historian who also is more well traveled.

    Example. Its pretty much known Rocketman s bro was a CIA informant.

    Remember when tRump...I had to say that just to get a reaction declared Super Max planes to be safe. It wasnt. No one calld him out on that.

    World history is like that. Rarely as the victor wants it to be.

    Like Dunkirk. Hitler coulf have wiped them out.. But we mostly learn from Hollywood and approved history books.

    Band of Bros? 506 Easy saw the least amount of combat of any rifle co in the 101st. Many think they won the whole damn war.

    Their original leader Sobel...grossly mis portrayed. The leader that freaked and wouldn't advance at Foy? He was wounded, thats why he didnt advance.
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    Wait a second. Holkeywood decided to do a series on WW2 and they decided to pick the company that saw the very least amount of action as anyone? They were really dead last in combat action? That reeks of BS stat.
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    No its true per the 101. For example they had only 2 kia in Normandy except for plane crashes. The movie makes it seem they captured Carentan...they did not. At Bastogne they missed all major action during the siege. Thats why the make up story about the medic and nurse. The Germans just didnt launch many attacks at their positions. Actually none. In Holland after Eindhoven and the opening day at Opheusden. ..not much.

    At Foy, that village exchanged hands several times afterwars with other units involved.

    The author choose Easy because of some connections. Brave men nonetheless l.
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    Christians are all flawed and sinful. None of our birth certificates say "Blessed Virgin Mary" on them. So, it would figure that a Christian nation can make mistakes like bombing Dresden when it wasn't a military necessity.

    But then, still being a Christian nation in the 1940's, we helped save the world from Nazism, then helped protect the West from the evils of atheistic communism. I'd say those were good things, no?
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    There is some truth to it though one cant deny that people didnt want to risk things to save the jews and there was some christian sentament about that. Its a weird combination. Cant stand the term just wars which was used by Bush to get support of Christians to oust the non weapons of mass destruction. Christians stood up to end slavery and support it.

    I personally dont like the blend of nationalism and faith. The pledge and flag dont belong in services.

    I will never understand Dresden. Also the US win the hearts of the Japanese people by a plant put in place to treat them by new testament standards without trying to convert per Douglas McArthur. The extreme Japanese were similar or worse than Musim

    Vets who fought SS were had extreme hatred for SS soldiers. Not so much the everyday soldier and civilians. A number of vets Ive interviewed were highly conflicted. They went into Germany expecting to hate Germans. Instead they found the Getman people more like them than French, Brits or Dutch. It caused a sort of emotional depression.

    Its all anecdotal but in my countless interviews it was overwhelmingly said the committed Christians died at a higher rate in ww2 willing to risk more to serve...but again anecdotal from those of faith and not.

    One thing I know from Paul. Christ came to save sinners of whom I am chief.
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    What ever happened to those weapons of mass destruction anyway? I've heard they never found them so they must not have happened. But I also heard they used them before to gas the Kerds or whoever they were. Was it ever decided that that story was a lie and they never did use weapons on them? Is it possible that they were able to hide them if they did have them? Do we still own the rights to all the oil we stole? If we didn't steal it, why the hell didn't we? Why should we pay to liberate them? That whole deal still confuses me.
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    I actually agree with most of what you just wrote. Didn't think that would happen reading your other posts, honestly.
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    Why didn't Sadam just come out and say he didn't have any WMD and not play games with the inspectors who were going to come in? Yeah, the game-playing by him didn't work out so well for him.
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    The Inspectors were given 30 days to find the WMD. That should have been more than enough time to comb the entire mass of Iraq thoroughly. If they didn't find them we were going to attack.....

    Catch 22 all over again.....

    Without the invasion of Iraq, there would have been no ISIS.....
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    He said before hanging he did say it but they were coming anyway or something like that.

    He seemed surprised U S intelligence wasnt better.
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    They did gas the Kurds and stopped the program.

    Its not confusing. Only that if you dont believe in corruption and the military complex for profits
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    So they had weapons of mass destruction, but used up every single one they had and never made more? Seems believable.
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    There was and always will be an "ISIS." U.S. SF guys who go after them say from experience, "They are the same guys, who simply change the name of the organization, for the most part." Their calling is to destroy the U.S., her citizens, capitalism, and anything Christian, plus expand slavery and female subjugation and abuse. This is their goal of world domination and slavery. There are many types of Muslim terrorists, factions, creeds, who hate each other but they are all united in their hatred for who we are and what we believe, or used to believe.
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    I think they destroyed some
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    You take a bit of truth and run crazy with it.
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    I dont change much.
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    I haven't written a book, but I was in the Army for 27 years, have been in the Middle East, son was a Green Beret, have listened to a lot and seen a lot. I don't think any of it was or is crazy, more scary.
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    Of course, a distinction can be drawn between the actual founding of ISIS and its rise to the murderous, land-holding terror force that it is today. So how did ISIS begin and evolve? Here's a refresher:
    It sprang from al Qaeda in Iraq
    The group's roots are in the Sunni terror group al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), started in 2004 by Jordanian Islamist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It was a major player in the insurgency against the US-led forces that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, and against the Shiite-dominated government that eventually replaced Hussein.

    ISIS has also targeted the Shiite community in general, starting with a deadly suicide bombing at a mosque in Samarra in 2006.

    Hussein had led a secular government, but it was dominated by members of Iraq's Sunni minority and it brutally repressed opposition. When Saddam was ousted, power went to the majority Shiites, who wanted revenge.
    There was a growing perception among Sunnis that they were being persecuted and excluded from power by Shiite officials.
    AQI recruited Sunni fighters to its cause -- trying to establish a Sunni Islamist control of the country.

    World would have been much better with Hussein in place.
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    Where you are decidely wrong amd immature is thinking most muslims hate us because we are successful, good, Christian and rich. You should get out of Iowa once in a while. There is always that small percentage. A small percentage ofvUS christians are pretty out their too. On recently wounded a police officer locally.

    There is a percentage that hate us for killing familg members in air strikes, fairly oft innocent ones and so on.