The email that almost got Dolphin fired

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    If Lincoln hadn't been elected president, the Civil War probably would not have occurred, there would have been so many lives saved. The country could have peacefully split in two. The world would have been "better."

    The world would have been better and so many lives saved if we had left Hitler alone to fight Stalin. They could have kept each other in check, limited Soviet world domination and influence, allowed Hillary to become president. But we decided to intervene. Better off doing nothing, as you say. The world would be better off.
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    I guess this is directed at me but you don't refer to any quotes of mine. So I will assume...

    I don't know about "most Muslims" as you guess.

    Theologically Islam looks upon Christianity as "infidel" and vows to destroy it. Their teachings are exclusive as are those of Christianity. A small group of Islam is armed, well equipped, highly motivated, and actively attempting to destroy anything Western and/or Christian. These groups are funded by a small and wealthy group of Muslims, mostly unknown, but involved all over the world and involved in U.S. elections. A large group of Muslims quietly approve of or say nothing about the slavery and butchery of those who represent them. There is the "center" and "core" of the problem.

    I haven't lived in Iowa in over 30 years. I have been to the Middle East, Europe, Central America, Amsterdam, Arkansas, etc. I have been exposed to many cultures.

    As you mention, air strikes by the U.S. can be counterproductive since the goal of any military operation is to "destroy the enemies' will to fight" not necessarily to kill and destroy or gain ground. Even "precise" and "accurate" missile strikes can create more problems than they "solve." So how do you fight or limit a religion and philosophy that has vowed to destroy us and dominate the world? That's a tough one. Always easy to second guess decisions that try. Perhaps it is unsolvable, only to be kept in check until the weapons become even more dangerous and mobile.

    I believe it was Lincoln who said during the Lincoln/Douglas Debates, "If I had all the money in the world and someone said I was the smartest man in the world, and had all the power in the world, I don't know what I would do to solve the slavery problem amongst us." I have visited all those debate sites, very interesting, worth the time.
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    There is also the support of a brutal Saudi Govt.

    A bit surprised with your references to Christianity that you have a worldly outlook and that you have those attitudes about Muslims. One can pick apart the old testament and find comparisons to Islam. Infidels certainly get destroyed in Revelations.

    What is interesting that you put a lot of stock in Christian ideals. The Bible is very clear on the state of man and you seem to think our Govt is immune.

    I'm appalled by the Saudi Regime and Iran (plus some others). That brutality is most of the issue. Our Govt is not perfect with Iran. Our support of the Saudi's in unacceptable. Therein is the majority of the problem.

    What does really surprise me are your comments about Christian faith, an yet you take a Jewish line on dealing with enemies. Don't jump up and say, see he's a pacifist...I'm not.
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    The book is called "Revelation."

    The church isn't called upon to punish evil, or protect citizens, that is the role of the government.

    Saudi, Iran, U.S., Russia, Christian, Muslim, there is enough evil to go around.
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    Absolutely. But you talk out of both sides of your mouth.
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    Perhaps you lack understanding, or are confused.
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    People who are angry, stupid, narcissistic and believe in Utopia are much more than confused.
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    Dolphin is not good at his job. I would have fired him a long time ago.
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    Who is this Dolphin you're talking about? We're talking about the meaning of life and stuff here.
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    Ya have to be insanely weak not to be able to ignore a conversation you don't want to be a part of
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    I think its like viewing your future death.... on HN. I ll kind of miss you. Rest in Peace.
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    Dibs on being the guy who updates the Locure thread when TK dies.
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    I may not wanna be part of a fight in the bar...but I'd still prefer they take it outside so as to not ruin the joint for the rest of us.
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    Blame Fran
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    You're not that far off. Don't be mistaken though; my death will come from my own hands.
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