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Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jul 18, 2020.

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    Back in the day the Grateful Dead would live in Marin County when they weren't touring, and many of their traveling fan base moved to the area over the years. Over the years the band got old and members died and the touring stopped, but a ton of their fans settled in Marin and now they are all super old and drive expensive cars with the bumper stickers of the skull on them. Petras is from Marin County and anyone growing up there would know tons of olds wearing the gear out, and Marin county is like an exaggerated version of Northern CA with all the crazy stuff that goes along with it.
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    great...another guy with no musical breadth or depth.
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    Nothing drives me crazier at concerts than a band who turns every third song into Free Bird, complete with the twelve minute jam. That’s how they manage to cram twelve songs into an hour and forty five minutes.

    I would loved to have seen The Ramones in all their twenty five songs in sixty minutes glory. No wasted chords and kick ass songs to boot. Husker Du took a lot from the Ramones in concert. Their concerts were one long wail of guitar distortion with songs discernable from each other only by the drum cadence. Mesmerizing and mind blowing.
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    I'm far from a Dead Head, but do listen to their music when in the mood.
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    I think their T shirts look cool.

    They’re probably better than Countey Joe & The Fish but nowhere near as good as The Band.
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    Agree on all counts.

    Music preferences are so subjective and create fun debate. I think we all have popular bands or musicians that cause us to immediately change the station, when he actually did listen to terrestrial radio.

    A few of mine: Aerosmith, Journey, REO Speedwagon, most country, to name a few. And, yes, I'm dating myself, I know.
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    Rob, you have to hook me up with the extraterrestrial stations you're listening to. I'm always looking for something new and "out there". ;)
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    When I hear REO I immediately change the station as well.

    Just kidding, I like a few of their songs.
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    You're dead to me. ;)
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    After this whole racial thing with the senseless killing of George Floyd...I keep telling myself "I need a miracle". Spencer just delivered. That is awesome. Listen...the Dead were a great live band, (most nights)...but how many bands can play 4 shows on successive nights in the same arena...pack it...and never play the same song twice over those 4 nights. NONE...that's who.

    I once ran into Larry Bird at a Dead show in LA. He was there with McHale, Walton, and few other of his Celtic teammates. Walton was a huge Dead fan.

    Listen...the whole scene was pretty amazing...there was something for everyone...but you have to tap into your "free" spirit and be able to let go of the pressures of life for a few hours. If you tap into that...and not be cynical about was a pretty cool phenomenon. Don't be critical of the choices others have made and enjoy yourself.

    I saw Jerry's band a few times in a couple of small venues...that was pretty amazing also.
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    I saw them in March of 1980 in Pocatello Idaho. Every song started "One! Two! Three! Four!" Then guitars. I talked a bit w/ Joey a bit before the show. He wondered why I had a Pink Floyd shirt on and I told him the story of how me and my buddies decided to go see a Wall show in L.A. He laughed about the part where we got thrown in jail and had our alcohol and guns confiscated. I remember I asked him what he thought of Idaho. "To many mountains" he said. I'll never forget that.
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    I still put Journey as the greatest band of all time. A slight edge on quite a few others. Chicago is up there, Def Leppard as well.

    Grew up listening to a lot of Glenn Miller orchestra, still dig that, strangely.

    That said, OutKast is still my favorite musical group all time.

    Go figure. I'm all over the board.

    Working from home these last 5 months has really allowed me to listen to a ton of music in the background.
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    That's all great music. Journey is awesome. Chicago is awesome. Even REO is awesome. I like pretty much anything except death metal, pop crap that sounds like it was created by a focus group (including that country pop crap Nashville has started to churn out), mumble rap and shit that is autotuned.

    I like old rap and stuff like Lil Dicky, but my wife won't let me listen to it around my son because she doesn't want him learning cuss words, so I pretty much just listen to '70's and '80's and country around him.
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    Journey is good, but greatest band of all time is stretching it. That’s your opinion however.

    My all time favorite bands are the eighties underground alternative bands that I discovered in college. Sonic Youth, The Replacements, The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, Big Black, Butthole Surfers. They in turn begat the nineties Seattle grunge bands. But as far as greatest of all time, only Nirvana, out of all my favorites I listed, would even garner a mention in the “Also Receiving Votes” category.

    Do enjoy Journey, however. It’s aged better than many of it’s contempories.
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    First thing I do when I get home: "Alexa, play 80's rock music" in my garage. Can't go wrong.
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    My Deadhead friend took me to a Dead concert in '79 when we were living in SF...a good time. Altho tough to beat the Dead Kennedys at a little joint off Broadway St. in SF -- the place was an Ethiopian restaurant by day, then they'd clear out the tables and seats and it would become one big mosh pit starting around midnight. Intense. Didn't have a Christmas tree for my apt so remember staggering out of that place one morning about 3am, picking up a giant planter outside the door growing something that looked kinda like a 4-5' tree, hauled it over to the bus stop, and took it home. Good times.
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    The Dead were absolutely something else at the Fillmore, Winterland, and The Avalon in SF in 1967/68. It was truly an experience. They were smaller venues than arenas, stadiums and huge outdoor locations. It was somewhat a Family Affair....

    There were members of all the Bay Area groups in the audience, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, wandering around mingling with everyone. On New Year's Eve, 1967, the Dead carried Janis Joplin overhead wearing a Viking costume onstage, and she sang with them for a few songs. They would play for hours at times.

    I met a girl at one of the concerts who looked like Mimi Rodgers. We hit it off, and I stayed with her for a while in Bolinas, a coastal town North of SF where the residents removed the road signs to attempt to keep the tourists away. She was friends with the Dead and would go horseback riding with Jerry Garcia. We spent a few days with Sam Cutler the, Dead road manager, and formerly road manager with the Stones. It was quite a time. She put my name in her personal phone book. She used First names only and my name was added to David Crosby and David Freiberg of the Quicksilver Messenger Service.

    Those were the days, never to be seen again.....

    Hats Off to Spencer

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    I wish I had been born earlier so I could have enjoyed the Dead in their glory years. Unfortunately I didn't get into them until much later in life, but they are easily in my top 5 for greatest bands ever.

    I did have a friend give me a ticket for show 1 of 3 in chicago 5 years ago. Their "last shows ever". I know it's nothing compared to the "real" dead, but it was still an amazing experience. I think we were about 2 rows from the top in Soldier Field, but it still sounded great.