The Holiday ISU rubdown....

Discussion in 'Football' started by HawksMN, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. HawksMN

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    How many of you all have friends or relatives that are ISU fans, who were puffing their chests after the Clowns big win over Memphis? The main themes for me:

    1) The foundation has been laid, nowhere but up from here
    2) Recruiting is on the definite upswing, we won't miss Lanning or Lazard at all, just plug in someone for the same production
    3) We were a few points from playing for the Natty
    4) Iowa had the "stars align" to beat OSU, but we took it to OK and beat them soundly as a better team.

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  2. BVHawk95

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    Whatever they put in the water in Ames is strong stuff, that's for sure.
  3. BrianFerentzForPresident

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    I'd say fluoride, but I'd fear looking like a Clown-ref conspiracy theorist.
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  4. judzeehawk

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    Clowns are supposed to be funny and they sure are doing a good job of making me laugh! Lol
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  5. deanvogs

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    They claimed this years recruiting class would be "top 25". They are claiming next years will be a "top 25" class. They are going to miss Lazard, Lanning and Kempt. They won't sneak up on anyone next year, and will be a 6-6 squad.
  6. HawkInATX

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    How can you possibly say ISU won't miss Lazard? He would have been at least a 2 year starter if not more at ANY P5 school. I certainly won't miss him.
  7. okeefe4prez

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    He's saying ISU fans think ISU won't miss Lazard. It's like a year Iowa turns over a whole unit on defense and everyone is all like "Derp, hey guys it's okay we lost all of our good LBs/DBs/DL because Klinkenborg/Shada/Mattison is a total stud." A team like Iowa or Iowa State needs a lot of good juniors and seniors to have a good year. When we're rolling out freshmen, it ain't pretty.
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  8. HawkInATX

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    Do I know what rhetorical means?
  9. HawkGold

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    Look at us though. We think we can't be a top 25 program consistently and we beat our chests about that.. Rather be optimistic.
  10. westender

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    All you needed to say is "Dude 3 in a row and soon will be 4 in September, you guys ever get tired of losing to the Hawks?"
  11. mopkins

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    I'm not really sure how their recruiting is on a "definite upswing". Here are their recruiting rankings by year since Campbell has been there (according to rivals)...

    2016: 53rd
    2017: 44th
    2018: 56th
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  14. InGoodCo

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    you would think with all the years of data supplied and history that they have at ISU that they would know how hard it is to follow up a "successful" season with another equal or better "successful" season at ANY school, let alone one not known for doing it.
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  16. THawk122

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    Don't understand how, but I suppose I'll take it
  17. InGoodCo

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    I definitely understand it - it was the schedule they faced. Most times, you gotta be 9-4 to end up in it at the end. But 8-5 this year season is absolutely not the same as 8-5 last season. Iowa's 4 losses to top 25 teams and it's 5th was against 7-6 Purdue. It's nice that some people do understand that.
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  18. judzeehawk

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    Wow I don't ever recall beating my chest about that. Must have me mixed up with somebody else. I'm as optimistic as you can get!
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  19. InGoodCo

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    I think Iowa can be a top 25 program consistently.... I've argued plenty that they have been.
  20. mopkins

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