The ISU women's coach

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    is quite the cry baby. His team is losing on a regular basis and has lost all their Hilton magic so what does he do? At his post game presser he pleads to the Big 12 officiating to stop the physical play his star player is getting. Now I watched this game and she doesn't get double or tripled teamed like Megan did nor does she get battered and bruised like Megan did. Anybody gets close enough to breathe on his star player it should be a foul. All he's doing is trying to cover up his bad coaching and lack of any good players not named Ashley. What a joke he is. Lol By the way they inflate the attendance numbers. Don 't know what that gains them but I guess clowns will be clowns. Look out Big 12 teams Bill F. is after you!
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    To use a phrase from that famous clone-bag IowaHawkeyeFB, "Same 'ol Cyclones."
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    jeez, even in womens basketball they complain about officiating????

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    Just like Clinton does with the Hawk women.
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    He doesn't just stop with women's basketball, all sports. The Clowns has a fan base full of Clinton's.
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    Joens has an older sister that plays at Illinois, and two younger sisters that play at Iowa City City High. The third Joens daughter is also going to play at ISU next year. So, they live in Iowa City and not one of them plays at Iowa and the Joens sisters are top notch basketball players. There is a reason why Lisa Bluder and her coaches don't recruit the Joens girls. Lisa wants nothing to do with that family.
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    But they do make a great tenderloin!!!
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    Damn, another Joens sister to play for ISU next year