The Middle Finger To That Wacky Coronavirus COVID-19 Game Thread

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by MelroseHawkins, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. MelroseHawkins

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    COVID-19 and sports betting.

    It just dawned on me the effect this thing is going to have on sports betting. Iowa and just recently Illinois both approved sports betting. What a deal to have this happen this first year and with the loss of the NCAA tournament, probably the biggest "amateur" event betted on.

    Vegas and other states sports betting must be sick over this.
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  2. Fryowa

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    I see what you did there you sneaky MF’er
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  3. Fryowa

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    I see that the only NBA lines are on when the season will resume. Weird.
  4. tksirius

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    Well, looks like all the idiots that bought all the TP figured out they can't eat it. Grocery store shelves are emptying now.
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    I was thinking of all the bars/restaurants that are packed for conference and NCAA tourneys. Especially servers that make a ton of extra money this time of year.
  6. haydensly

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    Truth is the casinos don't make all that much income from sports betting. The bigger loss is those gamblers not playing slots and other table games. Those pay the bills. That, and the loss of income from food, drink, etc.
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    Then, he said, the illness hit him “like a hurricane.”

    He struggled to breathe. His lungs filled with fluid, and nurses in hazmat-style suits had to drain them every two hours.

    The worst part, he said, was the feeling of choking. “You feel like you’re asphyxiating, and you’re panicking because you can’t breathe.”

    He kept telling himself, “Just get through the next hour, the next hour, the next hour.”

    At one point, he was aware that a priest in protective gear was about to administer last rites. He wrote a note to his wife saying that if his lungs collapsed, he did not want to be put on life support.

    “I was one inch from death,” he told the WSJ on Tuesday.

    “It’s alarming when I hear people minimize it as a simple cold,” he said. “It almost killed me.”
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    Pneumonia's a bitch.
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    CBS Sports right now is airing an old Big 10 championship game between the Izzo Twerps & the Cheese Dicks. Outside those two fan bases, why would anyone waste there time watching it? I turned the channel after about 2 seconds.
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    If you want to extrapolate that, go ahead. Live accordingly. [​IMG]
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    That's not a whole lot different thas when your own team gets booted.
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    Lol, it's simple math.
  19. HawkGold

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    The numbers given, yes. There could be a lot of reasons to what is going on. Just saying don't take any precautions. Your choice.

    I still don't have an abundance of TP.
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    I thought I smelled something.
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