There goes our squeaky clean slate with the NCAA...

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkdrummer1, May 21, 2019.

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    This is so Barta, make a public statement about some charges, then go into corporate mode and give no details about what those charges entail.
  3. BVHawk95

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    For all his faults, at least he suspended him right away and initiated the investigation post haste.

    It might be bad, but after everything we've seen in college sports lately, I was fearing this story would be much darker when I read "volleyball".
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  5. 1hawkeye1

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    Meh, all the cool kids are doing it these days. And apparently getting away with it too.
  6. atomicblue224

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    It could be his fangs!
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  7. Fryowa

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    I hope it’s cheating or something with money. Because if it’s some sort of abuse then we are hypocrites if we don’t want the NCAA to burn the house down like I think should have happened to OSU and MSU’s athletic departments.

    Oh and I hope it comes out that Barta was somehow in on it and is using the VB coach as a scapegoat. That way we can finally get rid of that non value added snaggle-toothed fuck.
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  9. Fryowa

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    You’d rather he fuck up the investigation by breaking privacy and confidentiality rules?

    There’s a legal reason why people don’t comment on investigations and lawyers don’t comment on court cases.
  10. AreWeThereYet

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    Look at the time frame though. This isn't an issue that has been festering for years growing into decades. The Volleyball coach was hired in 2014. About four years is when reports start popping up, whether a money issue, rules violations, or conduct & behavior issues. From the sound of things they have done some internal investigation followed by an external legal review than referral to the NCAA. That seems to be the right institutional path, at the very least. There are plenty of other ways for the stink to surface. The devil is in the details. At this point, we don't have any details.
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    Iowa's squeaky clean image took a hit way back during the Ronnie Harmon trial in the 80's. Iowa may have got no NCAA penalties, but Harmon was clearly taking money from an agent. I guess back then, it was enough for coaches to say they didn't know and all was forgiven.
  12. Hawk90

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    The thing with Barta is, at the close of the investigation the public will not know anything more than it does now, AND Barta will screw that up too.
  13. hawkdrummer1

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    but Volleyball?! really?
  14. Fryowa

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    And Pierre Pierce...

    and DJK and other failed drug tests...

    and rhabdo...

    and Tracy Greasebomb...

    and Podolak doing his best Larry Eustachy...

    Iowa may not be OSU/PSU/MSU/SEC level dirty but let's not act like we're squeaky clean either. If you think there aren't Iowa players taking money from people, doing illegal drugs, and pressuring coeds into sleeping with them I have a few bridges and some land to sell you.
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  15. RobHowe

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    It's an investigation looking into what could be a major recruiting violation.
  16. hawkdrummer1

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    ...note the phrase "WITH THE NCAA".
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    If Shymansky get's fired, we should just axe the volleyball program, bring in women's ice hockey. They'd probably bring in more fans and they are building that ice arena in Coralville.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Iowa athletics has had more problems under Barta than the last two AD's?
  18. EstronHawkKing

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    That was like 34 years ago and really one incident. Under Barta, it's one negative after another.
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    And who the fuck names their kid "Bond?" This guy and his parents are automatic douche canoes.

    That's even worse than guys named Thomas who nickname themselves "Thom" instead of Tom.
  20. Fryowa

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    Women's wrestling. Have you seen how awesome the HWC women have done this year?