There goes our squeaky clean slate with the NCAA...

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    I use to know Bond before he got into coaching, he is a very nice guy. Type of guy when you first meet him you like him. Always has a smile on his face. Lost touch with him after he left Iowa. Sadly, it appears he did something he shouldn't have it will probably cost him his job at Iowa. He is an Iowa City native (West High grad) This was his dream job.
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    What if it were something due to inappropriate relationship or of that sort??? Depends on what it is and why not let the investigation play out first?
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    Yeah it is almost like we are Ohio State, Penn State or Mich State. We are just terrible.
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    Recruiting violations were already mentioned. Let’s not make it something else. Don’t know about how their scholarships are meted out, maybe like in baseball allowing half schollies. Only things that I can think of would be illegal contact, or cash payment. I would contend it would be more likely the former than the later.
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    Where does it say they were recruiting violations? I've only seen the release where Barta called them likely level 1 or level 2 violations, described as such:

    Level 1 violations include academic fraud, failure to cooperate with an NCAA investigation, lack of institutional control, unethical or dishonest conduct or responsibility of a head coach resulting from a Level 1 violation by a student-athlete within the sport, the NCAA reported.

    Level 2 violations, described as a significant breach of conduct, “provide more than a minimal but less than substantial or extensive recruiting, competitive or other advantage.” Level 2 violations include systemic violations that do not rise to the level of lack of institutional control or failure to monitor violations.
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    They're recruiting violations.
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    Major recruiting violations.

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    I can't wait for the articles to come tying this to the nationwide pay-to-play scandal engulfing the "entitled" rich and famous who like to lecture everyone on morality.
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    1) It’s volleyball. There’s no money in it.

    2) It’s Iowa volleyball. We suck. If some rich parent wanted to fork over a hundred K to buy their kid a spot it wouldn’t be here.
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    Fail again.
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    How dare you insult our elite status.
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    Best volleyball coach we had in 20 years and now it appears he's history. Tough though with how good Nebraska and Penn St are in volleyball in the Big 10. Wonder if he felt like he had to cheat to compete with those programs? Makes me wonder if Bond cheated when he coached at Georgia Tech & Marquette and got away with it before coming to Iowa?

    What is weird is that a former player of his at Iowa ratted on him. Only reason I can think she would is because she was bitter towards him, maybe lack of playing time or something? She must have had it out towards Bond.

    I'll be curious to see where he ends up, will be hard for him to land another good head coaching job.
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    Apparently not. He had to cheat.
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    Or it could have been that he was a genuine douche bag and that she lot legitimately screwed over. I know he's a buddy of yours but people aren't always the way we think they are.

    One of my best friends was married for ten years and banged a mutual friend's wife on a Teens Encounter Christ trip that they were supposed to be chaperoning (the irony was fucking beautiful). They shacked up afterwards, lost their families, and now they've both moved on to banging other people. I never saw it coming.

    As far as coaching, Shymasknasnsky will now be flying cargo planes full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong if you get the reference.

    Lastly, I'm for anything exposing cheating, whether it's someone being a well-meaning whistle blower, or whether it's someone with an axe to grind. In my opinion the end justifies the means. While it may end up being the case that a player/parents felt jilted about little Jenny not getting enough PT and wanted revenge, if he's a scumbag I don't care how he got caught. If you don't want to get busted as a cheat, don't do shit that could get you busted.
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    I still contend that this guy's parents could have prevented this by not naming their kid "Bond."

    This whole power trip of his started when he got to that rich boarding school up state with the other five year olds named Winston, Bennett, and Imogen.
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    maybe they conceived him while getting it on in front of the tv while a James Bond movie was on?!?
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    I think based on this criteria you've just outed every college (athletic program or not) at every level in America as dirty.
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    Exactly my point.
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    UI Press Release

    IOWA CITY, Iowa --
    The University of Iowa Athletics Department announced Wednesday the termination of head volleyball coach Bond Shymansky, for cause. The announcement was made by Gary Barta, Henry B. and Patricia B. Tippie Director of Athletics Chair.

    The termination is due to the determination by the university, following an independent investigation by an outside law firm, of a major violation of NCAA rules. The violation includes intentionally providing an impermissible benefit to a prospective student-athlete, who went on to compete for the UI volleyball program and is now a former student-athlete.

    Upon the conclusion of the internal investigation, Iowa self-reported the violation to the NCAA and is cooperating in the process.

    “We take NCAA violations very seriously, and have acted in a fair and decisive manner,” said Barta. “We will continue to work with the NCAA in regard to our self-report to reach a conclusion in this matter as swiftly as possible.”

    Barta announced that Vicki Brown, who was named interim head coach on May 20, 2019, will remain in that role for the 2019-20 volleyball season. Brown was named associate head coach in April, 2017.

    Shymansky was named head volleyball coach on Feb. 3, 2014, posting a 78-83 record in five seasons.

    Per request from the NCAA, Iowa will refrain from comment on this matter during the investigation. The NCAA will release its findings upon conclusion of its investigation.