There goes our squeaky clean slate with the NCAA...

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkdrummer1, May 21, 2019.

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    Meh, it's volleyball. It's not like our basketball team has people taking their tests for them, or the football team is full of ex-cons and rapists. I still say we're cleaner than most.
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    What I don’t get is with volleyball the risk/reward isn’t there like basketball or football, so why even risk it? I mean, scumbags alike Calipari and Pitino at least have millions of dollars and lots of prestige to gain by cheating, but a volleyball coach?

    This Shymankyskwyaski guy was pretty near the ceiling of his career which would be a low-six figure job coaching the sport he loves with IPERS. Now he’s unemployable in that capacity, and for what? It isn’t like Iowa was or ever would be some sort of powerhouse vying for a title and there isn’t any big money in that sport.
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    My daughters play volleyball so I pay attention to the sport. The Big Ten is the best conference in the country.

    Maybe he felt he needed to cheat to compete. He grew up here, attending City High, and maybe he felt insulated. He also was trying to catch up with ISU and UNI.

    Now the program will face ncaa sanctions and likely drop back to the basement. And he is wearing a scarlet letter.
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    Stanford's sailing coach just got sentenced to one day in prison for taking bribes. At least he was funneling that money back into his program. :) Sports!

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    Calling total bullshit on Shymskanskanky's press release and I'll tell you guys why...

    Bond is not an idiot (in the general intelligence sense). You don't get to be a Big Ten head coach by being low-IQ and also by not knowing NCAA recruiting/gift rules. Because he's smart and knows the rules, it is obvious that he knew he would have a high chance of getting caught if he didn't make it untraceable and deniable.

    I however, am not overly smart and it took me all of 30 seconds to think of a process that would totally insulate me from trouble after giving a kid money. Let's say I wanted to give this girl $5K for the summer so I didn't lose a good player. I first go withdraw $1,300 cash from my bank. Then I write a check to my most trusted long-term friend in the world for $3,000 for that "antique dining set" my wife has always thought looked nice at their house. Then, Friday afternoon I go to the bank and get $500 plus the $200 I always have for walking around money. Next, I call my second best long term buddy from Hiawatha or Solon or wherever the hell he lives and say, "Hey bud, I need you to do do me a favor. I need you to drop an envelope off for a player of mine. She'll be in a blue Camry at the Mt Vernon Catholic church Sunday at 11:00. What time do we tee off tomorrow?"

    How hard is that? It takes a couple hours at most to facilitate and unless your buddies and a player who really really wants $5K rat you out, there's no possible way you get caught.

    This is some stinky bullshit and I'll tell you guys what happened...

    Shmayanskani was either banging this girl, or got cozy with her and decided to break it off and then she went fatal attraction on him and turned him in. But...he just had a brain fart and thought he'd be good to go? That's because he was thinking with his little head.

    Either way he's a dipshit.

    There are 2 lessons we can all glean from this...

    1) Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned hot college chick who either wants money or to be your mistress.

    2) Always make sure your sons study the Hot/Crazy Matrix and discuss with them the very real consequences.

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    Well done. I applaud you bringing the hot/crazy matrix into this situation. You can never go back to it enough to drive the point home.
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    One day in jail for $610k in bribes...that's a hell of a fund raiser. Where do I sign up. I'd spend a day in jail for half of that.
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    So he helps this former player of his and in return stabs him in the back. I wonder if she will do this kind of stuff in the work force?
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    The girl that turned him in is not the girl he helped.

    And even if the U screwed up her scholarship, there were other ways to go about fixing it. The amount of training these coaches and athletes go through with compliance makes it impossible for him not to know he was committing a major infraction.
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    I wonder how hard the NCAA will come down on the volleyball program? Iowa v-ball has been pretty lame over the years, at least Bond beat Iowa St and made them some what competitive.
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    Based on the current state of the program we'll get hammered to make an example to all the elite programs to show that this type of fate could happen to any one of them if they weren't one of the top programs in the country.
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    My mother in law is close friends with Kathy Bresnahan's mother. Kathy, who up in Dickeyville and attended Cuba City High School in Wisconsin, signed our copy of her "Miracle Season" book. Now retired after two stints at Iowa City West, she occasionally pops up at Cuba City volleyball games.
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    Kathy still teaches at both IC West and N. Liberty High. I read her book The Miracle Season last year after the movie came out. The book is really good, the movie kind of blah. Irked me how the people from Hollywood made up a bunch of false stuff and put it in the movie. Same goes for Remember the Titans.
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    Yes retired from coaching, but not teaching. Norm Anderson at Dubuque Hempstead retired as a science teacher nearly twenty years ago, but was head track and field coach until just two or three years ago, ending a coaching career that started in 1970. So it can go the other way as well.

    Cuba City's Jerry Petitgoue is about to begin his forty-ninth season as boys head varsity basketball coach, probably two decades after he hung it up in the classroom. Dude can still coach, too. His teams have made it to the state tournament twice in this decade and one of those teams knocked out a LaCrosse Aquinas team that included Bronson Koenig.
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    Everyone’s still missing the boat here, this douche rocket was obviously deluded by being in someone’s pants and it bit him in the ass.

    Name one other thing that would cloud your judgement to the point where you’d recklessly give a student-athlete money and think 1) you won’t get caught and 2) if you do get caught your career, reputation, and livelihood was all worth it.

    I don’t care what anybody says, he was bangin’ someone, someone else got jealous, and it went south on him. There’s absolutely no logical or illogical other explanation for it. Ask Bobby Petrino what crazy things some side ass will drive you to do.
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    There are plenty of illogical explanations.

    Aliens made him do it (the little green guys, not the dangerous brown people our president talks about)

    He's a Manchurian Candidate brainwashed by ISU to bring down our athletic department from the inside.

    Bobby Stoops paid Bond to do this in an effort to make Barta look bad so the university would have to fire him and make Stoops the AD.

    I'm sure others have better imaginations than I do. :)
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    So what is kind of confusing is that Bond said the player was told she was getting a full scholarship, when she arrives on campus she finds out she doesn't have one. So did Bond lie to her about the full ride just to get her on campus and then felt guilty when she couldn't pay her rent and gave her money? Also, if she was a freshman, don't student athletes have to live in the dorms for their first two year? This whole thing sounds weird.
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    She was transferring from Marquette after being all-Big East player.
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    That answers one question, but who told her she was getting a scholarship? Shamansky or an assistant? Had to have been Shamansky since he came from Marquette to Iowa and brought her with him. I'd also like to know why the former player ratted on Shamansky? She must have had a grudge towards him. Think about it, she got him fired, he lost his job, income, health insurance and he has a family to support and bills to pay.